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 Post subject: A Journey back to health & Healing - No More Sugar - Day 1
PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 2:23 pm 

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hello :)

Thanks for stopping by. I'm a mother of five, homeschooler, wellness & health coach and muscle activation specialist. It has been quite a journey throughout the years with a few bumps in the road, well how about some huge potholes too. That is life though, right?

This is the beginning of probably my 10th cleanse. I've been trying to cleanse the past three years but could not make it past a couple days or so. Just emotionally could not do it. About a year ago, I found out I've been carrying around PTSD for the past seven years. Well no wonder! I thought I was just an "injured" woman from an emotionally abusive and controlling spouse but it is real. So emotionally, was just not ready for a cleanse. It is okay, and very well recommended, that you listen to your body. Nobody knows you better than you. So if you are not emotionally ready, it is okay.

Feeling ready to beat this and my insides (and outsides) are screaming for a cleanse. My dad is dying from a sudden diagnosis of several cancers. It should only be a couple weeks, if that, so I felt I wanted to cleanse to clear myself out and in some weird way, honor him. He is in great pain and suffering and just feel I need to do this as he goes through the death process. Agent Orange is no good.

Being in the wellness and health industry, I've really learned how destructive sugar is to our bodies, especially lately. I've learned how cancer thrives and grows on sugar and it wreaks havoc in our bodies. Check out the documentary called That Sugar Film, oye! So I know I'm going to hear grief about this but for this cleanse, instead of adding maple syrup, I am adding pure, therapeutic ketones. Sugar is sugar and I've been numbing my PTSD with nightly wine which turns into sugar. So to break the addiction of sugar and alcohol, I am going with no sugar and ketones instead.

Ketones are just the break down of fat that provide slow burning fuel for the body and brain. Our bodies either use gluclose for feul or fat = ketones. This is the very first of its kind and is a sweet powder (stevia, no sugar) and provides BHB salts that breakdown into fat and ketones. So energy will be coming from fat and ketones instead of sugar. I am not recommending or suggesting anybody else try this but as a wellness coach and because I hate cancer and want to detox off sugar, will experiment on myself.

DAY 1 - Wednesday March 9th. Low energy this morning until got some lemonade going. Love having hot water, with cayenne, organic lemon juice and added some ketone power instead of syrup. Can you say YUMMY! :lol: The warm lemonade is wonderful!

Did an exercise session and felt good. Hungary after so more of my warm lemonade mixure and feeling fine. Had about 4 big cups today, mason jar of water and two hot teas. Slight headache but excepted that. chalky tongue has appeared.

can tell it will be early to bed.

Peace & wellness, off to to day two

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