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Author:  RandomRaff [ Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:55 am ]
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Random - I guess I wasn't thinking about breaking the cleanse for just a day or two. I thought I would break it properly by doing 2 days of OJ, etc. And then I would go back on another cleanse for as long as I need to in order to lose the weight. But I'd prefer to stay on this cleanse. It takes so much energy and motivation to get started - and I've made it so far - I just hate stopping before I'm to my goal! It will be that much harder to start another cleanse.

Marsha - That a girl! I COMPLETELY understand where you're coming from in the 'I dont want to stop' because of the amount of mental and physical energy it takes to get into it. I am facing a most quizical delemma... Thanks giving dinners x2 (inlaws and mine) are coming up here in canada, AND my own birthday AND my man's father's bday. I honestly want to stay on for the full 30 to receive the benefits as I hope my own weird bumps and lumps and bacteria are forced out from the body.. I dont want to be on meds anymore (antibiotic) for a stupid in-between skin bump infection thing. It's been there for almost a year and I'd hate to play the WHAT IF game.. WHAT IF I stayed on it longer? Maybe I wouldn't have to be on such a strong antibiotic..

Bah - it's tough to decide, and it is one of the most difficult decisions to make. The hunger pangs are striking again but I keep on drinkin what's in front of me. I am even willing to just have a very very quiet birthday so that I dont have to stop doing this.

You and I are neck-in-neck for loss - way to go! I only dropped .5 yesterday but I didn't work out. Haven't touch SWF in a few days either! :) When's the last time you've dnoe the SWF anyway?

Let me know if you have lady issues - It has been 11 days that i've bee on aunt flow.. and that's just abserd.. seriously I only get it for 5 days, then yesterday I felt a cramp and there was a heavier flow... do you know if the MC regulates hormones? I am curious to see if you have the same thing occur.

Ciao chikita!

Author:  magicmarsha [ Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:30 pm ]
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Day 10 - 9/29/2009
Starting weight: 138.5
Today's weight: 128.5 (down 1 pound)
Starting waist meas: 31.25 inches
Tody's waist meas: ?
Goal weight: ~110 to 120
Pounds lost: 10
Pounds to go: 8.5 +
Exercise: none

Woo hoo! Day 10 coming to a close! I've been feeling grumpy today - and I think lately in general. Not sure if it is the cleanse or just normal annoyances.

I went out to run some errands today and was looking at some ziploc bags at the store - the picture of cupcakes on the ziploc box surfaced a huge craving. I had to put down the baggies and checkout quick so I could get home before I did something I would regret :)

On a not so lovely note, but worth noting since removing toxins is what the cleanse is all about:
I haven't had a lot of bowel movements on this cleanse. This evening, I suddenly had to go the bathroom, and it was different than the normal runny/flakey-ish bms. It was solid. And it was floating. It was a long worm like thing. I'm almost positive it was a parasite worm or something like that. It did not have the texture of a bm at all. Or maybe it was a piece of something stuck on the lining of my intensines. Either way, it isn't anything I've ever seen before and I was a little disturbed. To think that type of thing is inside me - yuck!! The good news is that it is gone now. Hope there isn't too much more like that in there.

So, I really want to eat. Who doesn't? :) It's Day 10 so technically I could break the cleanse tomorrow and do OJ for a couple of days. But I think I'm going to do the lemonade for at least one more day. I figure I don't have to decide right now. The nice thing about being past the 10 day mark is that you can end whenever you like. So I'll take it one day at a time. I'll probably decide after I weigh in tomorrow.

Sadie - Sorry to hear about the terrible hunger pangs. I have found that the hungrier I am, the more weight I am losing. But not sure if that is the case with you or not. Are you breaking the cleanse for 2 days with OJ only according to the book? Not to disappoint, but you may not be able to eat quite yet :) Although I have had a whole orange here and there along with the OJ while breaking the cleanse - just so I could actually EAT something! Great job making it through the 10 days! Are you glad you did it? Do you feel different?

Random - I feel for you - it is REALLY hard to stay on the cleanse when there area lot of family events and the like. I have fortunately been able to avoid those scenarios for a couple of weeks. I just moved to a new city and don't know a lot of people. And those people that I do know, I'm scheduling dinners and stuff with for after I'm done with the cleanse. For me, I just can't take stopping before I get to my goal. I'm sick of getting close but not quite there. If not now, when? Really? When? That is what I ask myself. It does take a lot to self motivation to get through this!

My last SWF was a few days ago when I gained the weight. I don't think I'll be doing anymore, but we'll see.

I don't know anything about lady issues - except that my period came earlier than expected. I guess the flow is lighter, too, now that I think about it. It just started on Sunday so it's hard to say much more now.

Congrats all on finishing Day 10!! Stay in touch if you keep going. If you break the cleanse, I'd be curious about your experience with that, what you ate, etc.

Take care,

Author:  Sadietheferret [ Tue Sep 29, 2009 5:32 pm ]
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Hi MM,

I haven't lost much weight on the MC. I measured myself the first day before I started the juice fast at 139.6 and the morning I started the cleanse at 136.6 so the 1st three were just from the 1st day of juice fasting, probably water. Since then I think I've lost maybe 2-3 more. Maybe an inch or less all over. To tell the difference, I don't feel much different, though I am glad I did it. I felt most of the changes in the first few days when I was exhausted and feeling sick. I still have the same sinus problems, but it is good to know that they are not due to something I am eating. I will do the OJ to break the fast. I just went out and bought oranges and a pineapple which I might start adding in with the OJ tomorrow night. I will see how I do on the OJ and may try some fruits for dinner on day 2 if all goes well. Day 3 I will start some veggies and maybe soup and rice and see how it goes. Good job on the baggies BTW ;) hahaha!


I noticed my TOM was odd on the cleanse, but I had the opposite. I barely had it at all. Maybe 2 days and light at that. It must have some effect on hormones, but I'm not sure what? Good luck with the social events :)

Author:  magicmarsha [ Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:43 pm ]
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Day 11 - 9/30/2009
Starting weight: 138.5
Today's weight: 128.0 (down .5 pound)
Starting waist meas: 31.25 inches
Tody's waist meas: Between 29 and 29.25
Goal weight: ~110 to 120
Pounds lost: 10.5
Pounds to go: 8 +
Exercise: None

Last day of September - fall is really here. It is cooling off in NYC. I woke up today and made lemonade out of my lemons - literally :) So this makes Day 11 for me. No OJ yet. Raff - hope you are with me!

The smells of the restaurants and stuff are great as I walk by, but I seem to be able to enjoy the smells and not have to eat the food. I do still occasionaly have emotional triggers to eat. I notice that when I am tired is when I do the most damage. I'll eat and then fall asleep - then wake up wondering why I could have skipped the eating and just gone to sleep!

Today I turned down 2 invites to go out for cocktails. Sucks! I am really a social person and love to go out - so it's really hard for me to say no twice in one day! But I am doing something great for myself - and I feel so much better about myself for doing it. So I will enjoy those times out with friends, family and coworkers that much more when I am feeling great about myself. Now I am telling myself that if I'm going to turn down other things that I enjoy to do this cleanse, I better get to my goal or what will be the point??

My motivation is really starting to break down. I think hitting that 10 day mark did it. At the same time, I really want to get down to 120 or under - I hate the thought of getting close but not quite. Well, I'll take my own advice and take it one day at a time. Day 11 is almost complete.

Sadie - How is the OJ going? That's interesting that you don't feel much different after the cleanse. I guess I don't feel a major difference, but I do have more engergy I think. I know when I eat crappy stuff, I feel lethargic. And if you haven't lost much weight, I'm guessing you are taller and don't need to lose any weight. Otherwise I think the weight would drop off at least 1/2 pound/day. I have a feeling my weight loss is slowing. I believe the first days are mostly water or maybe some fat. But then after a while it is mainly fat (and unfortunately some muscle) that are burned. I think you can only lose around 1/2 pound a day unless unless you are exercising a LOT - like on biggest loser. Anyway, glad you're happy you did it - and good luck!

Author:  lucky21 [ Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:24 pm ]
Post subject:  hey

i am starting on friday
and this is gross but i'm just wondering how your bowel movements are.. im still in college, and i just dont want anything to happen during class if you know what i mean =)

Author:  Sadietheferret [ Wed Sep 30, 2009 6:56 pm ]
Post subject:  OJ


I posted my before and after stats.

OJ is great! I did 1/2 and 1/2 all morning then made a fresh glass of the real thing and had no problems at all. I went grocery shopping and bought a ridiculous amount of organic fruits and veggies :lol: but some of these will be juiced so I know they will go quickly and a lot will go in tomorrow's veggie soup. Can't wait :) I will try an OJ-pineapple mix later and maybe a banana for dinner. We'll see how I feel.

How long do you plan on going?

Author:  RandomRaff [ Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:04 pm ]
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Marsha - look at us! 10.5 down altogether! Woohoo! And of course I am with you, I imagine I will be going for much longer than the original 10 haha...but who knows right!

Good for you for identifying/noticing the 'emotional trigger' eats :) Haha I am just as guilty as you!

I hear you with the motivation a bit... Today I made a burger for the man and just took a bite out of it to taste it and then of course spat it out... finding that I'm tasting more stuff as of recent..but never ingesting, just a prompt *PETEWY!* just so i know that everything tastes ok lol... I'm sure that can't be helping my motivation! But still going strong! No one else will do it for us :shock:

I haven't been to this weight since at least 2 years ago... 10 more pounderoos and that'll be 3+ years ago haha! ANyway girl..getting back to topic..

Yes - the motivation! I think we both set ourselves up mentally for the 'just gotta make it 10 days, thast all'.. then when it came and went, psychologically we let go of a chunk of motivation ;) ... that's myyy guess

But today I did circle the 20 and 30 day mark aaand the starting/10 day marks on my calendar at work... it helps me see visually just how much more is left betweek each mark! And most importantly - the progress thus far! :) - even though I have not formally dedicated self to a day yet, writing it out on a calendar really brought up motivation - wonder why! That may or may not help you to summon a tad more will power/motivation ;) Also, ther eis always the 'list' you can make - reasons why you want to continue the clease, what you'll acieve, and remember it's easier to keep going than restarting ;)

Tell ya what, if you want to dedicate to pushing for 20 days I'll promise to do it too ^_^ then @ 20 days we'll see how we feel and see if we can push for 30 :D... i ono, just a thought - throwing it out there! I sure as heck want to create as much of a 'cushion' before ending it because at least half of the weight will come back - neeevermind the crud that will come OUT during that process ;)

take 'er easy chikita!

Raffi 8)

Author:  magicmarsha [ Thu Oct 01, 2009 5:36 pm ]
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Day 12 - 10/1/2009
Starting weight: 138.5
Today's weight: 126.5 (down 1.5 pounds)
Starting waist meas: 31.25 inches
Tody's waist meas: ?
Goal weight: ~110 to 120
Pounds lost: 12
Pounds to go: 6.5 +
Exercise: None

Almost made it through Day 12. But it was close! I've been having terrible cravings. I went to the grocery store last night to buy lemons and there was a Peanut Butter Twix staring at me - I LOVE those. I literally had to look away and rush to checkout and get home to avoid a rash binge. Then today I've been thinking about all of my favorite comfort foods and wishing I could be sitting at home, watching my favorite TV show, and eating. Wow. My logical self can totally see that this is emotional eating. But it is so compelling. I could see myself saying "Well, food is a simple pleasure - what is so bad about having some simple pleasures in my day?" (that is my devil self talking :evil: ). Anyway, here I am, still on the cleanse, so I was able to remain strong.

I'm most afraid of bingeing when I go off the cleanse - since I'm controlling these intense cravings right now. It is definitely a slippery slope. I know that I would have a tough time stopping if I allow myself one Peanut Butter twix. One isn't a big deal - it's the mindset that follows that sends me on a downward spiral. I'm determined to break the cleanse appropriately and eat predominantly raw food after. I am going to create some guidelines that I absolutely won't stray from. Otherwise, that slippery slope comes into play.

Debating on whether I'm on to Day 13 or if tomorrow is an OJ day??? Someone help? Raff - you there??

lucky21 - I haven't had any embarrassing situations with BMs where I was racing to the restroom. I have had cramping from the tea though...mostly in the morning when I wake up and get moving. I work and visit customers so I was worried about that, too, but I've been okay. I have been doing laxative tea once to twice a day - depends on how crampy I'm feeling, etc. I did the salt water flush twice and hate it - so not doing that anymore. Stanley Burroughs says the flush is optional anyway. Hope that helps. Good luck to you!

Sadie - I'll look up your post for your stats. Congrats on completing the cleanse. I am jealous of you drinking OJ and getting closer to eating! :)

Raff - I'm over to check your thread next! We sound so similar in our weight loss goals. I started gradually gaining weight about 4 years ago. I went through a divorce, a job change, quit smoking - enough life events to turn me to emotional eating in a big way. I've spent the last 4 years trying to lose weight in so many ways. But I've found the Master Cleanse to be the best. You definitely have to stick to a clean diet after, goes without saying. But there is something about the MC that makes it easier - I think it is the simplicity. The not eating part is or course hard, but there is no wavering, no choices - it's just sticking to it!

I'm about back to where I was about 4 years ago. I have to get to about 115 to 120 to get to my "normal" thin weight before I started really gaining. When I was living in Tokyo, I was down to about 110 pounds - but my family said I looked like a stick - so I'm not shooting to go that low. I just want to get back to the 115 or so. I'd say I have about 6.5 to 11.5 pounds to go. I'm so close! I don't want to blow this!!

Nice looking ahead and marking the 20 and 30 day points on your calendar! You go girl! You are very motivated! I am having a harder time on this cleanse than the 20 day one I did before. I wonder why...

Thanks for reading!

Best to everyone,

Author:  Sadietheferret [ Thu Oct 01, 2009 10:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Controlling Binges

Hi MM,

Something that I find helps me is to have 1 free day a week to eat whatever I've really been craving-if I still really want it that is. When I confront whichever food is calling my name I make a note of it and remind myself I can have it on my free day if I want. It might even help to write it down, just a quick note (wanted PB twix). You will be amazed at the end of the week when you look at the growing list. All of those calories that you managed to avoid during the week are empowering! You can see how much self control you were able to exert over your cravings and then choose what you want to have on your free day. Chances are if you are like me, by the time the free day comes you would never be able to or even want to eat all the things on the list in one day! So, allow yourself to indulge once in a while! Just pick and choose when as opposed to letting the foods pick and choose you :D I hope that helps, and keep up the good work!

Author:  RandomRaff [ Fri Oct 02, 2009 5:03 am ]
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Marsha marsha marsha!

Good morning dear! I had a similar experience with weight gain... I had been 112 pds for 5 years or so (still late teens early 20's), then due to lifestyle and job gained approx 40 pds in 1 year...not sure what happened there but it went south - then @ 166.5 during this last xmas i made a new years resolution and have stuck with it since! Ideally I am looking for the 120's but I'm happy to lost what I have soo far =)... And still feeling good!

Cheers to day 13! : 8)

Author:  magicmarsha [ Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:06 pm ]
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Day 13 - 10/2/2009
Starting weight: 138.5
Today's weight: 126.0 (down .5 pounds)
Starting waist meas: 31.25 inches
Tody's waist meas: ?
Goal weight: ~110 to 120
Pounds lost: 12.5
Pounds to go: 6 +
Exercise: None

I can't believe I'm here writing this on Day 13! I'm glad I'm still going, but I can't believe how much harder this cleanse is than my last one when I went for 20 days. Interesting that our bodies can have such different reactions and cravings - it's not the same everytime you cleanse.

Today on my way home from work I was exhausted and kept wishing I could grab some curry rice, a Starbucks white mocha (a terrible old fav :)), some peanut butter Twix bars, etc. It sounds so nice to taste those foods and have a full feeling in my belly. But I resisted. I have a note to myself on my board that says "food may taste good now, but it won't feel as good as being thin will feel." Sort of helps, but doesn't change that I want to eat!!! :) lol

Anywho...sticking in here and trying to figure out what to do on Sunday when I have my 30 mile bike ride. I could stay on the cleanse and take a bunch of premix with me and add water as I go so I have plenty of lemonade. That is one of my thoughts. I am doing this with a team and there is going to be food before the ride (donuts), during the ride (hopefully good for you stuff like fruit will be an option), and lunch after (who knows what will be offered). Another thought is that I allow myself to have solid fruit that day. I of course don't want to go down the road of allowing myself a donut or junk like that just because it's there. Or maybe I just let myself eat whatever I feel like it that morning and get back to the cleanse when I get home. Just afraid I may spin out of control and will be so disappointed it will be hard for me to get back to the MC.

One day at a time - that is all I can do. Thinking about staying on this make me cringe. But I love the results!

Sadie - I love the idea of writing the foods down that I am craving. And then allowing myself the choice to eat those on my one "anything goes" day for the week. That would force me to deal with the craving vs. have it floating out there in my head. Thanks!

Raff - Nice job on actually sticking to your new year's resolution! That's amazing. Another new year is almost coming up so you'll have such an accomplishment of doing what whay you said you would do. Do you mind if I ask what that resolution is? Glad you are feeling good. My cravings are just getting tougher and tougher. Tomorrow might be OJ for me. Just think, a "13 day Master Cleanse" - you don't hear that everyday :)

Take care everyone!

Author:  RandomRaff [ Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:30 pm ]
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Sup Marsherina!

Whatever you do regarding your 30 mile bike ride is up to you and I'll support ya! That is more endurance than anything and you need to ensure your body is prepared for that... The LA will likely be just fine, but you need to have a good sit down with yourself and figure out if you want to break now and ease into it until the race is over, or decide to stay on the MC

Afterall you ARE 6pds away and you're SOO close!!!

I hear ya on the cravings a bit, I've been tasting food but not ingesting it - wonder why you and I are having a harder time right now - time to look up detox phases!!! I'd recommend if you're aboslutely sure about going on OJ and prepping for the big bike ride, resume the cleanse asap - you've made a tonne of practice - I would hate (and so would you, hell you'd beat yourself up about it!) to see you not reach that goal that is SOO MUCH within your reach

You can do it girl, !@#$ you've made it this far! You've said time and time again you've come close to your goal but you're annoyed as all hell when you haven't let yourself strive for that last yard! I understand this circumstance is different a bit since there's some milage involved with the bike, but you know your body best!

I'll be creepin your blog for more updates!

The resolution was to lose weight and start eating healthier - sure I fell off the wagon a few times but since Jan i've lost 33 pounds? (Started @ 166.5) I could just imagine what would have happened if I didn't take the 3 month hiatus.. hah. anyway!

Taker 'er easy chikita!!

Author:  magicmarsha [ Sat Oct 03, 2009 3:03 pm ]
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Day 14 - 10/3/2009
Starting weight: 138.5
Today's weight: 126.5 (up.5 pounds)
Starting waist meas: 31.25 inches
Tody's waist meas: 28.5
Goal weight: ~110 to 120
Pounds lost: 12.0
Pounds to go: 6.5 +
Exercise: None

Up 1/2 pound today - must be retaining some water or something. I sure am hungry. I have a bike ride event tomorrow so this may be the end of my cleanse. The urge to eat has been strong and ongoing and to the point where I think it might be my body saying to stop. It has been a good run - 2 weeks! My goal is to go off the cleanse without spinning out of control and undoing all of the good I just did! :)

I may have some fruit and a Larabar tonight so I have some carbs in my system for the 30 mile bike ride tomorrow. I know that technically I should be doing OJ for 2 days, but I'll try to go light here.

Raff - Thanks so much for the support through this. I'm still going to post so that I keep myself honest. I don't want gain all of the weight I lost back. And I may go on another cleanse in a while, too, after this break so I can lose the remaining pounds. I put on a pair of my skinnier jeans today to go out shopping and when I caught myself in a mirror I liked what I saw - woo hoo! I still have some fat around my midsection that I want to slim down, but the 12 pounds I have lost does make a difference! I agree - my goal is right within reach, so I don't want to blow it now! I just hope I'm not going to be disappointed in myself for this. Maybe I shouldn't have signed up for this bike ride so I wouldn't have any excuses.

I'm over to your blog next to see how you are doing. :)

Take care,

Author:  RandomRaff [ Sat Oct 03, 2009 8:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

Marsha :)

You may be retaining water and hungry because of a second period coming on, man I sure hope that's not the case!!!

Or, from what I've read somewhere - People will stop losing weight once their body has reached it's 'ideal' weight, then it will stop losing at the rate it once did before, or altogether, depending of course on the body weight/height/muscle... I imagine you being into the biking and whatnot, the muscle mass that you do have is tipping the scale higher - so that's not a bad thing girl!

Sorry to see a cleanse partner go off it but you've done wonderful and of course lost quite a few! WOOHOO! Just listen to your body and intake as much watered down OJ as you can regardless if you have the bars or not -and if you can - get some probiotic caplets into you asap - you need to rejuvenate those healthy bacteria into your body to help you eat food and avoid intestinal type infections!!!! :cry: :cry: I was hoping to post earlier to just pick up those carb gellies that runners/bikers use, and use that as fuel since your body wont have a tough time breaking down bars and such, but alas it might be too late haha :)

Keep us posted as per usual, want to hear how the biking went down/if you're chosing to go with healthier eating choices (whatever those may be? I am trying to give myself more of an idea on that myself!) and or if you pick up the cleanse for the remaining few pounderoos/detoxification.


Author:  magicmarsha [ Sun Oct 04, 2009 4:11 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi Raff - Thanks so much for the good luck wishes. The bike ride today was great. I ended up going almost 40 miles. The ride was 30, but I biked from my apartment to the start line and back, too, so that adds some more distance.

I had some raw food last night - some cantaloupe, larabars, bananas. Then today I stuck to raw food, too. I had some bananas and water at the bike event, and took some larabars with me. I had plenty of energy. I haven't been on a bike ride since June or July I think - so wasn't sure how I would hold up :) hehe Glad it went well. It was very cool - the ride went all the way around the island of Manhattan. They closed the major roads for the event - a rare occasion to bike in NYC without traffic!

I am going back on the cleanse tomorrow for a few days. I have some events later this week, so won't be doing another 10 days or anything. Just going to have some cleansing days and some raw food days. I really want to stay healthy and not gain back the weight I've lost. And I want t lose some more weight, too. So I'll keep working at it in moderation.

Hope all is well with you.


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