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Cleanse day 2 - It's been so long!
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Author:  katielemons [ Fri Sep 25, 2009 3:31 am ]
Post subject:  Hey!

Hey Girl!
Just checking in on you, seems like you are doing great! Keep up the good work, already 5 days down! I'm starting up on Sunday, and I'm sure I'll be checking back to your blog to read about someone relating. I've got everything ready, off to buy my lemons tomorrow!

Author:  RandomRaff [ Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:29 am ]
Post subject: 

Day 6:

BM x2 already today
SW: 155.5
CW: 149.5

Ok guys... I am having a rough time mentally today, moreso last night, but still today :cry: ..but please... READ On!

The man and I did manage to find ONE copy of a master cleanser book..not the original, but the re-written one (very well done). I read the entire thing last night and to my great dismay I found I was doing the most IMPORTANT thing, WRONG! WRONG i tells ya!

Although I have read numerous times on the forums to make the lemon mix as fresh as possible, I never encountered in the threads I read WHY...

The ALL IMPORTANT LIVE ENZYMES in the lemons essentially die/dissipate after 10 minutes of them being squeezed!!!!!!!!!!

There is an alternative for those whom go to work and dont have time to squeeze all the time, to make a concentrated version.... I did not find this out until a wonderful important post by JTW (love you man!)..and then again confirmed in the book last night...

FIVE days gone fully of a mix that had cayenne and water already in it with the lemon and maple... woe is me.. wooooe is me... So now the most self defeating feeling I have is that for the past FIVE entire days I have not been receiving the full benefit of the mix. I can not describe just how down and put out I feel. And I am being honest, not meaning to play my little violin but am jsut describing the raw feeling of defeat I feel today.

Furthermore, after I had done research on canadian grades of syrup and what is considered 'b' grade, I have been having A grade...despite what wiki and other sites have told me... Canada No1 grade 'Medium' is supposed to be B grade...but the book says its a grade ,yet everything online reads Canadian MEDIUM as B grade..confused.. a putter-out, but the book did say, if its not available, get the darkest one, so I don't feel TOO bad about that, I can live with that.. still gettnig the nutrients from the maple, just not as high grade. I can live with this.

FIVE days... the man told me i could takea break for a few days and then tackle it again properly once I am ready.

Despite him saying this I concluded to myself the following:

1) I have never felt better! Yes, even though i was not receiving anywhere near the full detox, nor the full amount of proper live enzymes...I still feel great and have been able to work out no problem
2) There have still been 'eliminations' and the matter was progressively getting stinkier and fouler smelling... Stuff has been getting expelled regardless!
3) Since I have already started and am now on day 6- I might as well go for another 10 to fully reap the benefits without any shadow of a doubt now that I am armed with more knowledge.
4) The past 2 days I was only losing half a pound then none the next day - then since having 2 regular glasses last night (the proper way!) I dropped 2 pounds, because the mix being fresh, kicks the metabolic rate right in the ass to start doing the work it should be - on an optimal scale.


Well, I have made it this far, there has been some detox symptoms the first 2 days but nothing major. Since last night though, just through those few glasses I have noticed a huge change of the skin on my face. the pores are 'bumped out' on my nose and forehead and I can tell something is going on skin wise.

I guess now that my system is devoid of solid foods the detoxing symptoms (if i might get any at all) will come swift and powerfully.

So, yep, been doing it wrong... but I CAN NOT deny that I have felt better than I have in years, and still experienced mental clarity, and the fact that waste was being shot of my behind, thus I know my system has been purging... just not as optimally as making it FRESH.

Despite my busy schedule - I have decided to just bring the lemons, tablespoon measure and maple with me. Screw that, i don't care how it looks in the lunch room, I will do it!

Note: Making it FRESH tastes much more.. lively - and I can actualy taste the sweetness of the maple. The cayenne taste is very silent too! SCORe!

Question: I read in the book that people who do 40 days take a few breaks in between, and people do a 10 day. Should people be taking a 'break' in between (in my case I am extending for another 10 days)? Or can people safely go through it for longer than 10 and not do any of this break business...

I HOPE and PREY that noobies read this and do not make the mistakes I did. It wasn't until JTW posted it yesterday and I read the book that I realized I was not getting the full benefit...

Question 2: Any of you experienced folk have any input about the past 5 days of my 'premixed mixture from the morning''s effectivenes - or was it all for not?

Thank you, and I hope you are all doing well :)
(posting this for answers in general as well)

Note: Upon realization this could be a mixed blessing. Now that I have had 5 days of non-optimal cleansing, I will be able to notice any differences in the optimal method (proper method!). This has been quite the learning experience, and I will report what I notice in changes of course, here.

Author:  RandomRaff [ Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:47 am ]
Post subject: 

'Lunch time' update :)

Alllrighty, I have been making my mix's fresh all day today (made 3 soo far), and I tell ya, mm mm, much sweeter and tastier to my liking. Having no issues with the cayenne either (in fact I added a bit more hehe).

Out of no where I felt this insane urge to blow my nose... didn't think much would come out, but behold, a bunch of clear stuff and a little bit of phlegm color came out too. It's of the amount and consistency of someone who was just getting over a bad sinus cold.

Anyway I am going to swig this 3rd cup down, grab my water bottle and head to the healthfoods store to see if they have anything of the probiotic nature =)

No BM's since the 2 tsp SWF from hours ago this morning, but I will up the salt tomorrow morning. HURRAH for weekend soon =)

Author:  RandomRaff [ Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:27 am ]
Post subject: 

In response to what I posted earlier in case anyone has read my day 6 blog and is new to the MC - Joshua had this to say:

hi raff.

that's totally correct. the enzymes die right away. it's always best to make each la fresh if you can. i have done that before, and i have premixed as well, and seen others do it each way.

i have seen people get very good benefits with premixed. so although it is not the optimal way to do it, some people logistically say they need to do it that way, and it will not ruin their cleanse. even concentrated premix is not as good as a fresh squeezed lemonade, which is drunk within minutes of squeezing it. but it works fine too.

love, joshua

Author:  magicmarsha [ Fri Sep 25, 2009 2:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi Random Raff -

I have done a few MCs - one 10 day, one 20 day, several shorter ones that didn't quite last 10 days :) I'm currently on a cleanse as well and am finishing up Day 6. I'll share my thoughts on your questions:

Question: I read in the book that people who do 40 days take a few breaks in between, and people do a 10 day. Should people be taking a 'break' in between (in my case I am extending for another 10 days)? Or can people safely go through it for longer than 10 and not do any of this break business...

My comment - I personally have done 20 days in a row and know that others have done 40 days in a row. I don't believe that you need a break. I have the book by Tom Woloshyn and have to say that it is my least favorite MC book. I feel that he is very dry and harsh and opinionated. Something about his writing style did not make me feel good. That said, he does give a lot of information which is nice. I would take what he says as one more piece of information - not as gospel - he isn't Stanley Burroughs - he is just writing his version of how he thinks the MC should be. Stanley's book really makes me feel good when I read it - somehow you can see that he was a real healer.

Question 2: Any of you experienced folk have any input about the past 5 days of my 'premixed mixture from the morning''s effectivenes - or was it all for not?

My comment - I honestly wouldn't beat yourself up so much about the premix. Of course getting enzymes immediately after squeezing the lemon juice would be "optimal." But it will not ever be perfect - 100%. If you're doing everything 95% right, you are doing great!! Don't beat your self up. I personally cannot mix every single glass at once. I do this all within reason. I have to go to work and can't drag a juicer with me. So I juice in the morning and create a mix I can take with me. But when I get home in the evening, I create fresh mix so I have more "alive" juice. So you do what you can.

Hope this helps - just another opinion to add to the mix :) Best of luck on the remaining days of your cleanse!

Author:  RandomRaff [ Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:44 pm ]
Post subject: 


That is the EXACT same book that I read, I found it a bit preachy in some chapters but it still made the point it set out to make, unfortunately it was the last one available at the store near me and no one in the entire city had the original mc book.. Ah well, someone at work has already asked to borrow it - pretty straight forward stuff!!

Thank you for your comments in response to my questions; STILL not sure how long I will do this for but if I find I still have the strength to push longer I wanted to be sure and clear up the air about that 'break' thing.

Secondly, you're absolutely right about the whole pre-mix/beat self up/ forgiving self a bit for it... I've let it go ... now, but that was a rough feeling - I really thought by losing out on fresh enzymes I had missed all the benefits and was really losing out on 90% of the cleanse.. But feeling my skin right now... I can tell something is happening ;)

Thanks a lot! :)

Author:  RandomRaff [ Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:54 pm ]
Post subject: 

Later in the evening - Day 6

As I previously mentioned, I noticed last night my pores stiking out, starting to get bumpy on the skin... Well status update

Looks like I was out in the sun all day, cheeks and other areas on face are red (not insane red, just red, as if I ran for a while)... The bumps are everywhere on my face, you can not see the what must be hundreds of bumps unless you're a few feet away, but you wouldn't notice

I however, notice because I can feel the skin rough, bumpy, and it's spreading lol. Even around the eyes it is popping up..

I have also noticed a lot of itchiness the past few days, and I mean scratching until it hurts, but I have learned not to scratch (sounds like I'm talking about a cat!)

this rash or whatever you want to call it is spreading from my face to my neck, but it by itself is not itcky, just feels like I"m touching elbow skin (the rough bumpy kind)... Someone else on the forums just mentioned they had the exact same thing happen on their day 6 or 7... hmm I be on day 6 - glad to know it was not just me - now I can link it to the cleanse :)

Lets see..anything else I should mention... I have done some research and sent an email out to a local veg/raw food site... Been trying to get a grasp of what resources are in my city to explore and take advantage of once I come off the cleanse. I saw some vegan/veggie cooking classes, some raw/veggie potlocks.. really interesting all-in-one site for my area and this makes me extremeeely happy!

Let me think..what else..

Oh yeah I forgot to mention on day 2-3 or so - I noticed on my right hand fingers random skin peelage.. just small, I only noticed because that hasn't happened since ..geez.. since I was in the mid-teens... like if they're dry...but not... Wohoo snake hands and elbow-skin-face - LOVING IT 8)

Well, that should be all I believe - for now...

tea time! :D

Author:  magicmarsha [ Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi again! Just wanted to say that I don't think you missed out on 90% of the cleanse benefit by premixing. I would think if you were going to put a number on it, maybe you lost out on 25% or less or something in that range. A water fast is the ultimate detox method. Master Cleanse is slightly slower in detox than pure water. So missing a few enzymes - while would have been great to have - don't think it equates to missing 90% of the benefit.

Interesting about the rash - I've heard so many people talk about these different detox symptoms and even in my 20 day cleanse I didn't experience anything like that. So I guess everyone is different. The first few days are always definitely tough, but once I get past that, I haven't had anything major. The one thing I am doing different on this cleanse is quitting my acne meds - so I'm curious to see if my skin will clear naturally by doing the cleanse and using natural skin care products.

Best of luck! Day 7 here we come! (I'm about to have my Day 6 evening tea, too :))

Author:  RandomRaff [ Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:19 am ]
Post subject: 

Marsha - After a few re-assuring posts on these forums that is what I came to the same conclusion about not losing too much quality cleansing time... but the 90% was my oriiiginal thought. I am all good.

I was reading your blog this morning and saw remarks about SWF's and frequency. I noticed more loss when I didn't take the swf ~every day~, or perhaps that was because of 'that time of the month' but I will be doing one today (venturing to do one every other day).

Day 7 - here we come!

Author:  RandomRaff [ Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:33 am ]
Post subject: 

Day 7

BM - Yep 3x (ceonsecutively within a few mins early early this morning).
SW: 155.5
CW: 148 (7.5 loss altogether - Note: I find there is more loss now that I am having 100% fresh squeezed mix's - or maybe the body is simply expunging more?)

Happy Weekend team!

Rash update: still there, it's covered all of my face and a tiny bit of the neck but again, you can't see it unless you were right up in my face. I feel it though - I can't rub my eyes without feeling a bunch of bumps and roughness... it is soo odd! Still red a bit too, slight 'sun kissed' look for the day.

~~~~BOWEL MOVEMENT FINDINGS (explicit, you have been warned)~~~~
For whatever reason when I woke up in the wea hours this morning I would go to the bathroom, flush, wash hands, had to immediately again, flushed again..laid down to go back to right back up, went again lol... Something was getting released, that is for certain!

Anyway - the bm's do consist of dime-sized floaties, but I am finding more and more often mroe matter moving to the bottom/back of the bowl - meaning there is some weight to w/e is getting released.

That being said I noticed something funny and ran to the kitchen, nabbed an old unwanted chopstick and poked around, there wasn't a lot of matter since it was the last BM of the morning, but, I found a slimy stirngy clump that was about3 inches in length and a cm in thickness... I tried poking at it to see how solid it was, and it waaaaas solid and mucus-ie at the same time.

Now thoroughly pleased that this from the innards and this is a result of the cleanse I went to bed feeling lighter, cleaner! :)


Wow... 7 days, I am soo happy, still more to go - and still have not identified an 'end date'. I was thinking an additional 10 days from when I found out I was not getting the full benefit of the lemons... who knows!

It is true, that they say you may not notice any detox symptoms until day 6/7 for those whom are a little more toxic than most- at least it is true in my case, this is the only 'major' detox feeling I have had soo far (elbow-skin-face).

I have also noticed in last night's bm's that more solid type matter is passing through the derrier, if there was nothing in the body to let go of - there would be just bum juice and nothing else. YAY to expunging toxins.

Aaaalrighty, time for a nice SWF and depending on how I feel - work out - might have to cook the man some breakfast first though hehe... Wow we got up late today - almost noon my time!

Happy cleansing team! 8)

Author:  jax444 [ Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:05 am ]
Post subject:  Hello Random Raff!

I have to say that your blog is very enlightening and entertaining. I look forward to your next posts and you keep me inspired to keep going. Thank you for the laughs and the positive outlook! I am only on day 3 but it seems to be a lot easier today than yesterday! Thank you again!


Author:  magicmarsha [ Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi there Random - Congrats on getting through Day 7!! Huge accomplishment that very few can say they have accomplished!

Regarding the SWF - I have noticed that it makes me retain water. While it's supposed to just "pass through" you, some of the salt can't help but be absorped along the way I would think. I can tell because I will be thirstier and my weight will even go up at times! Yuck! I did the SWF for 20 days straight on my last cleanse - which was 20 days. I can't believe I did it. I don't know how the heck I did it. I did one this morning and had to sit and try not to throw up :( It did cause a nice BM - several - but I just can't hack it every day.

I have to say that I loved your detail about your BM :) Seriously. So, not having the pleasure of seeing it myself, I am wondering if you maybe passed a parasite?? Or it could have been caked on matter in your intestine. Either way, nice to see it go, right? :)

Happy cleansing!

Author:  RandomRaff [ Sun Sep 27, 2009 6:23 am ]
Post subject: 

Day 8:

BM: - Yep a few - gooo tea!
CW:148 - No change... SWF related maybe?
SW: 155.5


Well, regarding the SWF this confirms it; I am retaining more water or it doens't appear to be passing through as you say... I may elect to skip the SWF for longer periods... The tea does more than enough I find, keeps me running to the throne room until at least mid day, and that's from having it the previous night.

Ok.. as for yesterday's events:

Worked out - yep, plenty of sweat, just cardio since that works up the sweat fast for me, and made it longer than I normally do, was quite impressed with the amount of energy!

Workhorse day - Suddenly I had the ambition to wash every damn peice of clothing we have lol.. Mind you over half of it hasn't been unpacked since we bought this condo.

I made a nice lunch and dinner for the man, except while cutting some romaine up the BLADE SLIPPED!


Yep, gobs and gobs of blood.. I read somewhere on the forum someone had cayenne near by and doused it with powder. Tried that, didn't seem to help since the blood would soak right through it. But after the bleeding stopped (took 10 minutes or so since it was pretty damn deep) it looked super shiney and almost glued back together (imagine how crazy glue looks on your skin, shiney!)... I have to say that was the QUICKEST I have ever seen my body recover from a knife cut! WOWIE! 8) :P 8)


Friends suddenly dropped by, they had been to a party earlier today (drinking since 3, lots of special occasions today for them) with LOADS of liquor.. I told this girlfriend of mine that i was going to pass and she knew I was dong the fast... let me tell you - the peer pressure - she even cleaned an extra glass for me and poured the wine... Asked what kind of mix I wanted and everything if I wanted some of the ol' cap'n...

Then her man too was telling me to drink the wine... hah ... It wasn't until she realized 'oh wait.. are you still on that cleanse?' 'YEAH DAMNIT' 'OHHhhhhhhh'... she thought I was off it ;)

Now here's the shameful part...
~~~~Self Beat Up Session~~~~

I had a sip.. maybe 1/2 of a teaspoon.. yep..a half sip of wine. I FEEL TERRIBLE for that. Needless to say I promptly washed it down with a litre of water but still... The act of doing so has me really down. :cry: I figure it being not even a teaspoon that went down the throat, that it wasn't anything near enough to call off the cleanse. Ugh. Still....Shitty feeling and I will not be having a teeny sip of anything again thats for sure. Althogh it wasn't much compared to the at least 20 cups of fluid I've had the whole day, it feels as if I let myself down..and I have but I am stronger for it now...It was shitty wine anyway ;) :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

~~~~End Session~~~~

Despite that slight sip up (hah slip up..sip up... get it?..yeah that was terrible), the man did tell our friends he has never ever ever seen this much resolve in me in the past 7 years that we have been together... alcohol is my greatest weakness (next to sashimi!). He asked me 'is it worth it? it's been 7 days.. do you really want to drink that whole glass of wine?' 'well's just I've made it this far and thats the only thing stopping me, results and the amount of time spent on it already'... :)

I believe that everyone most likely has their weakness during their first cleanse... Some comfort food, some beverage, etc... So keep my story in mind if you feel tempted ^_^... you WILL feel terrible for slipping up

BUT I did manage to make a kick ass poutine and other foods for them and still never nibble... 'It's really amazing, you should try it when you're off your cleanse' lol... Perhaps I will, but I will likely be transitioning to raw foodist type stuff... It will be interesting to see what my first 'heavy/normally ingested food' after effects will be like lol... BUT That day will not be for a while yet.

Elbow-skin-face has not in fact been alleviated yet, I am afraid of putting any chemicles on it (face wash, etc)...So we'll just let that be. It's not as red, so it may be planning to hitch on hike off of my face..but we'll see...

Aparently all the food I create without tasting, just by smelling, tastes absolutely phenominal compared to other things i've tried to prep before the cleanse. Funny..funny how that works out hey?

I think I will skip going to the inlaws today for 'dinner'... The mother in law did not approve of the concept of not 'eating'.. 'you have to eat SOMETHING' (shakes her head) 'Not even grapes??!?!' (alarmed face)... So i'll just skip that for today lol. I leant my book out and really dont feel like trying to remember what vitamins or minerals are contained in the maple and lemons and regergiting that info to people lol... I have a goldfish memory anyway!

My girlfriend on her honeymoon last night called me.. Trashed out of her tree, but it's your honeymoon - you're allowed. She really wants to do up the cleanse when she's back - she has plenty of resolve, and equal weakness depending on the subject matter. But she is as determined as me in certain areas - I believe she can channel that energy into a cleanse if she truly feels like it. Anyway, she did ask when I would be done the cleanse, told her I wasn't sure at all, as she as well wants to cook me a dinner and provide alcohols :roll: ... A part of me is thinking 'NOooo moderation, maybe, but you know it wont happen if you nab the wine or alcymahol!' ... and the other part of me is thinking badass like 'DO IT DO IT DO IT'.. Funny, we'll see how I solve this dilema

What I DO know is that I have lost taste for certain types of alcohol. I am not joking when I say I would drink pretty well anything, and have a drink fairly more often than most. BUT I have noticed by there MERE though of some of my usual beverages - if I listen to my body I feel the following for these beverages:

Coolers: Immediate no no, I remember how packed with sugar they normally are..and they filled me up and I did not receive any feeling of tipsiness no matter how many I had..maaaybe after that time you feel EXTREMELY gross...and the sugar.. uck!
Beer: used to be a beer fan, but not soo much not too long ago... agian makes you feel full..lost the taste of it somewhere - but the mere thought of it - my body screams no...
Rum and coke - My old FAV beverage - usually a double if I'm out with friends ( as you can imagine I head out pretty often, different circles of friends, etc)... Even now, thinking of it, my body just feels like it's saying no... I am starting to lose the taste of it for whatever reason, but thats a good thing!
Wine: Never a big fan of it.
Pre-mixed smirnoff cosmo's or Mojito's - WAY too sugar-ee.. I couldn't just DO THAT to my body after having done this cleanse and reading up on what sugar-ee beverages do to the body..nevermind the stress on the liver.. HOW DO I EVEN HAVE ONE STILL! :oops:

I WELCOME the losing of taste of most alcohols...WELCOME IT
Sake and Vodka will be tough to kick but w/e, I'll figure that out :)

Really, try asking your body 'do I want that rum and coke' (or w/e it is that is your weakness) and you will literally FEEL whether your body wants it or not... dissassociate your brain's attachment ot the feeling and memories of eating or drinking it, and you will notice your body might tell you a thing or two of what it likes or dislikes health wise :)

OR maybe I'm just on perverbial crack... But I found it a neat practice 8)

The rest of the day will be dedicated to laundry...and drinking a tonne of water and LA =)...think I might pop a tiny bit of tea in me this morning... that SWF really seems to be not passing through... I was thirstier yesterday come to think of it... we'll see how I weigh in tomorrow!

Love and peace guys!


Author:  katielemons [ Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Hey!

Hey Raff!
Great to catch up on your blog, it had me smiling quite a bit. I'm so glad you didn't let any of these setbacks get you down-you can do it! You have such strong resolve, don't beat yourself up over one little sip of wine. Yes, it's less than ideal, but it's such a tiny amount, hopefully it won't throw your cleanse through a loop.
I am def relating to you about the alcohol! It's my weakness, as well! I think one of the things I am most looking forward to is having 10 days with no booze (although on day 12 I am going to florida for the weekend- so that won't last too long!). It's only my first day and I'm already seeing a bit of benefit- normally on a Sunday afternoon I'd go have a cocktail or glass of wine with my bf, but today, since I'm cleansing, I've been working around the house. I think everything I own is completely washed and ironed lol!
Keep up the good work!

Author:  katielemons [ Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:28 am ]
Post subject:  SWF vs. Tea

Hey Raff,
A question for ya. I've been following a bit of your discussion with others about the SWF making you retain water, not loose weight, maybe even gain! So, can I ask what your experiecne has been using the tea instead? Did you loose weight after tea mornings, but not after SWF?
I'm curious, since I haven't lost any weight yet. Do report!

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