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Author:  Ilovecayenne [ Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:53 am ]
Post subject:  Start tm - First time

Hi all,

I'm starting tomorrow currently on the OJ day. I'm a bit scared but also raring to go after palnning for so long. Have to stop nicotine tm too so will be a very hard day. Anyone fancy buddying up?

PS How many oranges are you supposed to have had? I saw 2 litres somewhere which i've probably had squeezing about 16 oranges over the day (English time) :?

Author:  Ilovecayenne [ Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Start tm - First time - Graphic bm

OOCH -Ring of Fire!! On day 1. God help me.

That really hurts. Still doing the yellow liquid but think there was a gooey bits. Will ROfre go away or is that it for 10 days?

I am fantasing about fish broccolli and brown rice - not pizza or anything. Arg!

I am trying to loose weight and so am on the 1 tbsp of syrup. Plus I really couldnt drink 2 in there.
Had 6 so far and indend to have at least 10 today maybe 12.

People on here mentioning exercise - I'm supposed to exercise when I've had like 350 calories all day?. And not smoked all day. My stomach hasnt stoppped grumbling if I exercise reckon Id fail and eat my face. Had a double helping and drank within the requisite 10 mins but did nothing to hunger. Will this get better? Does anyone do 6 drinks on 1 tbsp??

Dont like the taste of the thing either. Can I add more water to the mix? It's still too sweet for me....

No other massive symptons yet , slight headche but barely notice it. Been sniffing clove for nicotine withdrawal and lavender on my bed to calm me//

Yes I have taken to my bed - expecting the flu like stuff to happen at any minute. People going to work etc but be amazing - of course they may me twice the calories as me -but still! mad props.

So I'm staying here till day 3 when hopefully it will get easier. Might exercise later in the week if the pangs die.

Going for juice no 7 now. A single. Then an epson salt bath with lavender in it. It says you should stay in 20 mins to detox then another 20 to absorb magnesium. My water would be cold. The bath is big and the tank small. See how long I can stay half submerged. And roll over for a bit at the end.

Im using this like a blog by replying to myself not sure how to do it properly.

It helps :)

Author:  Ilovecayenne [ Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Start tm - First time

Day 2 10am

Day 1 Down.

I dd it woohoo. First time ever.

Was hungry yesterday-all day, but had a glass everytime I started thinking about food too much. I had 9 glasses of 1 tbsp MC.

Didnt smoke my e cig, sniffed clove all day. Had the SWF which worked well (disgusting!) and missed the lax tea in the evening as I must have had about 20 BM's. The yellow liquid did have some brown bits in eventally so thats good.

Had a really good nights sleep and woke up anhour before alarm clock at 8.30 which is odd as as Im out of work atm (not by choice) and a night owl so my sleeping pattern has been silly. Was sometimes sleeping at 5am and drinking 2 bottles of wine a day out of bordem more than anything.

No exercise yesterday but feeling I might do some today. I had a epson salt bath last night and boy did it go dirty. That must be a lot of heavy metals!

If I do some exercise ill be having a bicarbonae of soda bath yhis morning, if not ill probably wait till tonight.

No detox symtpoms really. V mild headache (not odd). My tonge is normal.

Had 2 mc'S so far and plan to have one every hour.

Here's to a happy day 2 to anyone joining me ;) We got this!!!!!

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