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 Post subject: It's TOTALLY WORTH IT
PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:04 pm 

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Okay, my fourth cleanse finished about a week ago and this may have been my toughest one yet.
But I did it correctly, eased out, kept the weight off.

What makes the cleanse a success? Planning. Having a simple goal. Surrounding yourself with support.

1. Begin by learning all you can about it (yes, you may have to read some actual books), what to expect while the cleanse is working, what you need to buy and how much you will be consuming.

2. Get at least three days' supplies right off the bat. Those organic lemons don't last very long (in my experience, organic limes will last about five days, lemons less, before they go soft and bad).

3. Set your eyes on the prize. You're taking ten whole days to press the big red switch on your bad eating habits or just give a much-needed rest to your digestive system. System reset does not happen in two days. It does not happen in nine days. This is a minimal ten day commitment, NOT INCLUDING the all-important EASE-OFF. Are you doing this to reduce some flab? To get ready for a lifestyle change or strict diet of any sort? I usually lose something like 7 to 10 pounds on a MC. Some larger people shed even more. Know that this will mostly be water, plus a little tissue and fat, but even if all you shed is water, there will not be a more healthy way to quickly rid yourself of that bloaty stubborn water weight. But what this quick loss can do is give you the moral support you need to just keep at it with sensible food choices post-cleanse. And it shrinks your stomach so you can be full on less once you are back on solids. I've spent a lifetime going onto diets that don't do anything except make me miss eating and maybe lose a lb in one week of hell. So the MC is perfect for giving a person some much-needed early results. It is very easy to stick with the MC over the course of the 10 days simply by appreciating this positive result in those early days.

4. Do NOT start the MC without enlisting the undying support of those you live with. I never do the MC when my husband's in town. But if I can't kick him out, I would have to talk to him for a long time, let him read about how it works, swear his allegiance so that he is totally supportive and ON MY TEAM. During the first 7 or 8 days it is very hard to cook for others. Get someone else to cheerfully do it.

5. KNOW THE SYMPTOMS of the MC WORKING. Detoxing is not a vacation. Detoxing is enormous work. It will hurt. You will crave food. You will think about chewing. You will experience uncomfortable emotions. This is the cleanse releasing prviously dormant toxins. It is a good sign. Worst thing you could do is quit when it starts to get hard. Stick with the program and the toxins work their way out. You WILL feel better. Eyes on the prize.

Anyway, by following this philosophy my recent cleanse was a success. I lost about 11 lbs and have eased off over 4 days after day 10 of the MC. Learn the OJ and soup method of easing off and DO IT without cutting it in any way. Peter Glickman's Master Cleanse Coach book was invaluable for this and other MC issues. Anyway, after my 4 day ease-off I was having veggies (cooked and raw) and then beef bone broth. Began ketosis this way and look slim and trim and feel great in the morning. I could not have gone to a straight paleo or other ketosis diet without first ridding my food addictions on the MC. Full stop.

As I'm packing to fly back to Bali, I'm super happy with my cleanse and I owe it all to simply DOing the cleanse as written, knowing the goal, knowing the symptoms of the cleanse working. I wish success to all who read this and do the cleanse.

 Post subject: Re: It's TOTALLY WORTH IT
PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:15 am 

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wow congratz to you. I am so looking forward to the end results of my master cleanse. I am going for 40days. Currently on day 21. This has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. You are right. It is totally worth it

 Post subject: Re: It's TOTALLY WORTH IT
PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2016 4:04 pm 

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It is worth it. I love this post esp the part about not quitting when it gets hard!

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