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 Post subject: Overcoming Bloat and Weight Gain and Finding Yourself
PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:58 am 

Joined: Fri Oct 14, 2016 1:34 am
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It is the morning of my eighth day of the Master Cleanse and I wanted to share my experience.
The first four days I followed the cleanse as best I could, I wasn’t able to keep the salt water flush down. I tried different methods each morning to hold down the salt water, but after every attempt I found myself holding on to the kitchen counter for dear life, mouth sweating, stomach cramping, dizziness, followed by a rush of projectile vomiting. I followed the expulsion of salt water with laxative tea in an effort to get the job done. After four days I lost the desire to eat as well as all the wasted mental energy I usually spend laboring over what to eat, and as a lovely side effect I lost ten pounds. I kept pursuing the salt water flush-I wanted to do it 100%. On the fifth day I tried very warm salt water. I was able to drink the entire liter in well under five minutes. It actually tasted kind of good to me, like the most boring soup ever, but after 4 days with no savory food even boring soup felt like welcomed nourishment.
Day 5 I got on the scale and noticed I had gained two pounds back. What? I was so bloated I assumed I was constipated. I did another swf, and upped the number of tea bags I was using. Day 6 was worse, two more pounds on the scale and a big bloated belly. I continued my routine with the salt water and the tea. After quite a few uncomfortable hours I decided to try a saline enema, if top down isn’t working how about bottoms up? No avail. Even more bloated now, incredibly uncomfortable and disappointed, I still wasn’t giving up. I drank only warm water on my sixth and most of my seventh day in an effort to force my bowels into action. I tried upping the amount of salt in my water, and flushing twice a day. I tried Ducalax and magnesium citrate, to no avail. Bloated more than ever and two more pounds gained I became very sick.
All of my new found energy was gone, REALLY gone. I was like an extra on the set of Night of the Living Dead. I cried and writhed in pain, determined not to break the fast. My family was, needless to say, concerned. After an hour of trying to get comfortable in my bed, crying all the while, my partner brought me a big glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. I drank it slowly through a straw and literally felt the color returning to my face. Within minutes I was in the bathroom, and stayed there most of the night.
I’ve done quite a bit of research on the internet about this cleanse. Finally I came upon an article that speaks very frankly about waste on this diet, to include rather graphic explanations and even pictures. Gross but incredibly helpful. After educating myself on what kind of excrement to expect, I realized the “yellow water” exploding out of me was right on course for the cleanse. I wasn’t impacted after all, then why was I still bloated and gaining weight?
After further investigation I came across someone else’s personal story that was similar to mine. Here’s what I learned-Some people’s bodies, for whatever reason, cannot tolerate the swf. Even if it is helping to produce a bowel movement, too much of the salt is absorbed into the system causing bloat and water retention. If you are drinking plenty of water, as I have been, you could be retaining pounds of it in your body causing the needle on the scale to go the wrong way! I actually read this this morning moments before doing another swf. The contributor suggested breaking the cleanse and opting for a cleanse designed to relieve bloat and water retention. Eating lots of watermelon, some OJ, and celery if you are so inclined will do the trick.
I was determined to continue the Master Cleanse for a total of three weeks, but as I am still bloated and holding on to those six pounds I have decided to break the fast and opt for the watermelon diet for a day or two, before transitioning into a mostly raw diet. I may attempt the Master Cleanse again in a few weeks.
When I decided to embark on this journey my main objective was to lose weight, as is the same for many of you. What I discovered along the way was a better approach to eating. I noticed when I felt hungry and was able to pinpoint the cause. For instance: I hadn’t felt hungry all day until my partner and I got into the car. Suddenly I was starving. Why? Well, often times when we head out for errands or whatnot we stop and get something to eat. There were other times to, when I was lonely, bored sad. I’ve known for years that I am an emotional eater, but it wasn’t until this cleanse that I was able to recognize my triggers. I know in the future this will lead to making better choices about food, and about self-soothing. I am more grateful for this revelation than anything else.
There is much to gain from the Master Cleanse, but weight should not be one of them. If you find yourself bloated and gaining weight, consider whether or not the swf is for you. Try replacing the salt water with a dose of the senna tea in the morning for a couple days and see if that helps.
I’m going to the grocery store after posting this to grab a big ol’ watermelon and a bag of oranges. If you are interested in the results of that, I will answer any responses to this post. I hope this information is useful.

 Post subject: Re: Overcoming Bloat and Weight Gain and Finding Yourself
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:39 am 

Joined: Fri Oct 14, 2016 1:34 am
Posts: 2
Just an update: After one day of fabulous watermelon and plenty of lemon water and one vigorous walk, the bloat is gone completely, (and believe me, I was VERY bloated!). I'm having regular and productive bathroom visits and urinating much more frequently. I started day one at 215lbs, in 4 days I was down to 205...three days later I was back up to 212 with the sever water retention I was experiencing. Only 24 hours of the watermelon and lemon water routine and I'm headed forward in the right direction at 207.
Better yet, I have tons of energy, I feel stronger and more motivated, and, (for today at least) I seem to have mastered impulse control.
Food is so gloriously wonderful, and that goes beyond taste and comfort. It's really sunk in for me how food can work for us or against us depending on what we put into our bodies. I am so grateful for the Master Cleanse for teaching me this. It's seems to me that it's not just the toxins in my physical body that have been flushed. The Master Cleanse, for me, was an excersize in mindfulness- a wholistic way to heal. I plan on doing the cleanse at least twice a year to flush the toxins from my body and my way of thinking.
Good luck out there!

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