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Beginning 40 days today
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Author:  Tammy1225 [ Tue May 02, 2017 4:51 am ]
Post subject:  Beginning 40 days today

Starting off this morning with a sore throat. :( Can't even believe it! I've been gearing up all last week for this. I've done 2 (30 day) cleanses before using the master cleanse but never posted on here. Only ever read the threads for encouragement while fasting... so, this time I will make it public and I'm hoping to have a healing journey that will last a lifetime.... (or at least until I need to do it again.) I know I sound like Eyeore. Truth is, I'm tired. I feel defeated with my weight and ultimately, my health. Here I stand today at 225 lbs. - it's unbelievable and I can't hardly believe I just typed that.

Thanks for the accountability forum peeps! I'm gonna need it! - Tammy

Author:  M C Guide [ Tue May 23, 2017 1:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginning 40 days today

Your title seemed to indicate that you were on your 40th day of the Master Cleanse. Is that right? If so, that might explain why you're feeling tired. That's a long time to be on a such a restricted cleanse. At 40 days you're probably experiencing numerous nutritional deficiencies.

It's not that the Master Cleanse can't be beneficial at times. But it will deplete and weaken you if used excessively.

Also, bear in mind that cleanses are for cleansing. If you truly have additional excess body fat to shed, other measures are needed, not just cleansing.

Best wishes with your health. :)

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