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Getting Ready - Mind, Body and Soul
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Author:  Blunun [ Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Getting Ready - Mind, Body and Soul

Wednesday, July 14 at 8:00 AM
Day 3

I don't know how I feel today. I have not been able to sleep to well at night because of these headaches - its seems to get worse as I lay down. I tossed all night. I am determined not to take anything but this is the second night I have not been able to sleep because of them. I am following my own advice with heating pad and cold compresses but they are not working this time.

Well, moving on. I finally weighed myself today. I am down to 158.2 (a 3 pound loss since Monday). I have to go to a wedding this weekend and I am not looking forward to the dinner. I tried to schedule this cleanse around those types of things but it never is a good time, there is ALWAYS something going on.

I managed to get in some exercise last night after my meeting. My husband and I ran in the neighborhood. We have this hill that is only 1/8 of a mile but it's a monster. I am always trying to conquere that hill but cannot. I've tried it on a bike, walked it, and ran it. I am always out of breath by the time I reach the top. It doesn't seem too big in a car but on foot, it's a bear. I can just run back and forth up the street and get in a good 10 mins. of cardio.

I need to find another site that has a remedy for headaches. Does anyone know of any thing I can do besides taking asprin? Just from past experience, I have about 1 more day of this headache.

Author:  rgirl74 [ Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Getting Ready - Mind, Body and Soul

Hi, Blunun,

First of all, I really admire you for doing these cleanses. I eventually want to get to where I'm doing periodic fasts to keep my body in good shape.

I just wanted to tell you that you can purchase pure peppermint oil from the health food store, and dab some on your temples. This is a good remedy for headaches. I've used it myself in the past and it always helps me. Hope it will offer some relief to you, too.

Best wishes!


Author:  Blunun [ Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Getting Ready - Mind, Body and Soul

Thursday, July 15 at 8:40 AM
Day 4

Well last night as I was squeezing lemons I told my husband "I'm tired of this cleanse" but I know it was just momentary fatigue. I have been having this headache now for 4 days. I took the advice of rgirl74 and got the peppermint oil for headaches and I must say that I am amazed today at how well it worked - my headache was gone within seconds of taking this Peppermint Oil. I would suggest if you try this oil you get directions from the health technitian before using. This is some potent stuff and if you have never taken an organic anything (outside the syrup and lemons) you will need help. Thankfully the company is local in California so I can call them.

I decided to lessen my syrup by 4 oz. I want to loose more weight. It's not bad either. I think I used too much cayanne in yesterday's mix and my butt was burning :lol:

I am feeling fine right now, no headaches (I still can't believe this worked this fast). Please if anyone decides to take Peppermint Oil, please make sure you get instructions from the pharmacist, herbalist, or whomever you purchase from.

I have not weighed myself today, last check I was down to 158.2. I do not plan to weigh myself until tomorrow (Day 5).

Author:  Blunun [ Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Getting Ready - Mind, Body and Soul

Thursday, July 15 at 7:50 AM
Day 5

Well, I am getting the pink tongue already and its only Day 5, probably because I have done this cleanse so many times that my body doese not have a lot to cleanse. Anway, I feel much better today. I had been waiting for the headache to resurface but its totally gone thanks to that Peppermint Oil. I got a little on my eye (don't ask me how but I did and my eye is burning). The website says that it should not come in direct contact with the skin because it can cause serious burns - it must be diluted with oil in order to use on the skin. Well, I was neither trying to put it on my face nor in my eye but apparently it rubbed off on my hands (although I had washed my hands at least 10 times yesterday) it still got on my skin. So, I said all that to say be careful if you use Peppermint Oil.

My weight is dropping but slowly. I weigh 157.8 today. I wanted to change up my weighing habits because I was getting discouraged when I would not lose any weight. But I know I am losing inches (which is most important). Some of my clothes are fitting more loosely. :P I did decide to use limes for today's meal - you know, change it up a bit.

My plan is to go 10 days but I feel like I can continue - we shall see. I am over the hard days of 1-3. We are going camping at the end of the month and I like to jet ski. I would look fabulous in a two piece instead of my regular men's long swim trunks and a top that covers my torso. I want to look like Iman walking on the beach.

I can't type for 2 minutes without having to run to the laboratory. My hands are already dry from all the washing. I will be off line until Monday, Day 8. By then I will know whether I will keep it going or just cut it 10 days. Bye for now.

Blunun 8)

Author:  Blunun [ Wed Feb 27, 2013 7:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Getting Ready - Mind, Body and Soul

I have returned to this board to mark my progress. I am doing the MC to get healthy during the lent period. I am on day 3 of my cleanse.

Day 1: Had to break it by that same day. Starting again tomorrow.
Day 1: Felt okay, starting weight 160 pounds.
Day 2: Had the worst headache and felt nauseated all day, had to go lie down when I got home from work.
Day 3: Feeling better, having a very mild headache but nothing I can't deal with. I was so sick last night that I could
not drink my tea or do my SWF this morning. :cry: I think I will do those every other day for the rest of my 10
days. Weighed myself this AM and was at 158. I am however, drinking at work a detox tea (not the SM) with

Happy Cleansing,

Author:  Blunun [ Tue Jan 07, 2014 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Getting Ready - Mind, Body and Soul

:D Hello, its me again. I come here now once or twice a year to get it together. I am currently doing the cleanse and am on day 2. I am experiencing the headache as usual but now I have something that will combat that without compromising the cleanse. Its Peppermint Oil. I actually put 3 drops in my water and drink it. Try not to put anymore than that, I probably should have used 2 drops.

I don't want to record my weight because I am not happy about it :mrgreen: I will just record the weight loss. As of my second day, I have lost 1/2 pound.

In addition to this MC, I will be doing the Daniel Fast after the 10 days with a group of ladies from my church. The great thing about this is, after doing the MC, it wont be hard to do the Daniel Fast because at least there, you can actually eat food you just have to stay away from certain types of food.

Will log in tomorrow for my results and any updates.

Author:  steve [ Fri Jan 10, 2014 2:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Getting Ready - Mind, Body and Soul

Blunun - congrats on starting again! there is a group of people in the "journals" area of the site who are in varying stages. come post over there, we are stronger when we encourage one another, sharing our journey, our struggles and our success!

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