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Sophie's First Cleanse
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Author:  Sophie08 [ Wed Feb 06, 2008 7:02 am ]
Post subject:  Sophie's First Cleanse

I have been lurking around here since early January, preparing for this cleanse. To be honest, I first wanted to try it simply for the weight loss (I was referred by Beyonce lol :oops: ). However, as I learned more and more about the cleanse, I now have three reasons for doing it:

1. Detoxification of my body
2. A Spiritual journey and test of willpower
3. Weight loss (Starting at 225 lbs)

Yesterday was Day 1 for me. I usually go to work at 11 AM, however right when I sat down to take the SWF, my boss calls and asks me to come in early. What do I do? I drink it anyway. lol. It turned out for the best anyway, the water I used for the SWF was cold and I involuntarily vomited it soon after and was able to go to work. I had 6 LA total yesterday. My fiance ate dinner right next to me while I sipped on my LA, water and tea. I felt a little bit tempted, but It's more important to do this cleanse for myself, so I got through it quite easily. :)

Day 2
Woke up this morning had the SWF at room temperature and it's much easier to take down than with cold water. I'm now on my first glass of LA. Had 6 glasses today and a huge headache! Went to bed early.

Author:  msclark [ Wed Feb 06, 2008 7:37 am ]
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Congrats on your journey. My first day was today, the SWF is a ? for me. Got about half down! So I'll see what I can do in the morning. We both have the same reasons. I started at 220, so keep me posted your journey and I'll do the same. I need some serious support. I like to cook, so that is going to kill me.


Author:  gail2frog [ Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:37 am ]
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Sophie & Tae...keep hanging in with the SWF -- it's so very important. Try going a step further than room temperature & heat your water to lukewarm or a bit warmer. I also really recommend Celtic sea salt if you can get it - makes it so much more palatable (almost pleasant :shock: ).

I know where you are coming from -- I also started my first MC at 220 last July. I'm beginning my 2nd MC today at 159. You have all the tools you need to change your life when you choose MC, all you have to do is use them. There is so much support on these forums so keep coming!

I ran across a great quote from Chuck Swindoll today. Here it is..."Every time we encourage someone, we give them a transfusion of courage." Reminds me so much of these forums. Anytime we need the courage to continue, all we need to do is drop in for a transfusion!

God Bless...


Author:  Sophie08 [ Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:23 am ]
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msclark - I love to cook as well. So far I haven't cooked anything yet (I bought my fiance a bunch of frozen panini's lol.. he now makes his own dinner). I think I'll start cooking again next week. How are you doing so far?

Gail - Thanks for the SWF tip. I heated my SWF up this morning, and I was very pleasantly surprised! I did taste like a mild broth. :D

Day 3
I woke up this morning with no signs of a headache and I'm feeling great! I haven't had any unbearable hunger pangs. When I do get hungry the LA quickly calms my growling stomach.

Thanks to Gail, I downed my SWF very easily this morning! I immediately had a strange yellow liquid BM. Yuck, but at least it's not inside of me anymore! I had 6 LA today and I feel great!

Author:  gail2frog [ Thu Feb 07, 2008 10:56 am ]
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Sophie - I'm happy that heating the water helped you with the SWF. You'll get used to seeing that yellow liquid - it's very normal and you're right - better out than in!

Today is my 2nd day and it's much better than the 1st. I was very tired yesterday (I have to get up WAY too early to do the SWF so we can all get ready -- need more bathrooms!). I also wasn't thrilled about having to make dinner for my husband and daughter. Not that I wanted to eat it, but more like I didn't want to have to bother (I'd have rather had a nap). Since my 1st cleanse, I've gradually moved to eating very little meat and more raw vegies, fruits and nuts. I was more tempted by the fresh pineapple my hubby was munching on last evening after dinner. I am thinking they're going to be eating out more often than normal. :wink:

In any case, one day at a time and remember that any bumps in the road make crossing the finish line that much sweeter!

God Bless...


Author:  PIBS [ Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:32 pm ]
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This journey is well work it I Started my first Cleanse last year at almost 240 pounds and I am on Day 33 of my second fourty day Cleanse. If All Goes Well I will be at the 165 mark in a few days. this cleanse has changed my life and the forum has to. The Second Cleanse is like a walk in the park so much easier when you know what to expect. The First cleanse was not to bad either I found that Cooking for my family gave me a chance to work on healthy changes to my normal family favorites and try them out on my family, I enjoyed the excellent smells and they got to eat healthier, I also found that the smell feeds my hunger. Give it a few days and the headaches and hunger will be completely gone and you will not miss eating for a while.


Author:  Sophie08 [ Fri Feb 08, 2008 6:00 pm ]
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Thanks for the posts Gail & Pibs. Congrats to both of you on your weight loss so far. I'm definitely thinking about cutting back on meat as well. Unfortunately my fiance is a total carnivore, but I think he'll be able to handle the drastic meat reduction. I've learned so much from these forums and I'm very motivated to make some great changes for my health & quality of life. :D

Day 4
I had to work 11 hours today, so I didn't take the SWF. I won't be having any more long days, so I won't miss another SWF. I forgot about taking the tea instead of the SWF, I only remembered when I got to work. Anyway, I had a lot of energy today. I've found that if I drink my LA when I get even the slightest hunger pang, I'll be totally satisfied within minutes. I felt so vibrant today, it was wonderful! I don't think I've ever felt so good! I haven't had any detox symptoms yet, except possibly the headache from Day 2, but I am losing weight and my skin and whites of my eyes are much clearer. I believe my tongue is starting to get that white coating, but I'm not even sure what my tongue looked like before, lol. :roll:

Anyway, great day today. I'm off to drink my tea and go to bed. I think after an 11 hour workday I'll sleep well tonight!

Author:  Sophie08 [ Sun Feb 10, 2008 7:42 am ]
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Day 5
This was my first weekend at home during the MC. I was a bit worried about being home all day and being near the fridge, but I wasn't even tempted in the least! :) I did wake up feeling very tired, it could have been my long workday yesterday or maybe it was a detox day. I felt like my entire body was aching and I had a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day which helped me feel better. I was starving after the nap, but I drank my trusty LA and within minutes I felt wonderful! :)

I went to the store to buy more lemons and maple syrup. When I got home I realized I bought Grade A instead of Grade B. :( I'll use this container of it since it's already open, and I'll buy Grade B when I need more. Hopefully this isn't too big of a deal.....

Day 6
I woke up with the urge to go to the bathroom (I'm guessing it was the tea last night that I let steep for an hour!). I eliminated really, really dark poop. It was literally black! Gross! At least it's out of my body though! I can't believe I still have that stuff inside me after not eating for 5 days. After I eliminated I felt very clear and light. I'm down to 212 lbs! 13 pounds so far!

I'm sitting here drinking my warm SWF and it actually feels great to have something warm in my stomach. I think, dare I say it, I'm actually enjoying it now! It's like my morning broth. I'm off to make some LA and most likely go to the bathroom soon. I'll update later.

I love the Master Cleanse! :)

Update: I had a lot of running around to do and did so foolishly on only 2 glasses of LA. I was starving by the time I got home. As soon as I drank some more LA I was completely fine though! It's amazing, one second I feel like crap, then I drink some and I feel satisfied and full of energy. I'm starting to have flu like symptoms. I actually can't wait for the work week to get here, being on the MC is so much easier when I'm busy at work!

Author:  nyglamgirl [ Sun Feb 10, 2008 4:54 pm ]
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Good luck Sophie, today is day2 for me as well, i plan on going until the end of the month- 21 days.

How long do you plan on going for. My first cleanse i planned on doing 10 days and it turned into 20...

you really get used to it/

Author:  Sophie08 [ Mon Feb 11, 2008 5:21 am ]
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Nyglamgirl, I'm planning 17 - 21 days. I'm not sure which yet, I'll see how I feel as this goes on. Good luck to you on your cleanse, you can totally do this!

Day 7
Seven days without solid food!! I can't believe I made it this far. Here are some thoughts on what has helped me:

1. I read the forums & the book and gathered as much information as I could, pre-cleanse.
2. Whenever I'm hungry, all I need is some LA and I feel better.
3. I try to drink my LA at even times so that I don't get hungry. Once I go too long without it, that's when hunger strikes.
4. Heat up the SWF so that it's like a warm broth.
5. Whenever I feel discouraged, all it takes is a visit to the forums where I read other people's success stories. Knowing that I'm not alone and other's have done this is a great motivator!
6. I stay busy. I'm cleaning my house, reading books, browsing the Internet, etc.
7. I drink a ton of water in between LAs.

6:47 PM
Good day today. I had some food cravings, but my trusty LA got me through it. I've had a scratchy throat, runny nose and sneezing since yesterday. I was also freezing cold! I had to layer up in like 2 sweaters, 2 socks, etc...... I'm guessing all those cold symptoms are part of the detox.

Author:  Sophie08 [ Tue Feb 12, 2008 6:50 am ]
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Day 8

Doing my SWF now. I woke up feeling great. It's like no matter what happened the previous day, I always find myself waking up "reset". Like I have a fresh start. Today I have almost none of the cold symptoms, no cravings, and I feel wonderful...... except for that all too familiar churning in my stomach due to the SWF. ;)

Update: I had a great day today! I can't believe I'm still pooping out solids though?! How crazy is that?

I have noticed that the more water I drink in between LAs the better I feel. Another new thing is up until today, I had still been craving/day dreaming about unhealthy foods. Today I was craving fresh homemade hummus with homemade pita bread and a cucumber salad. Yummy! I really hope this healthy way of thought continues!

Author:  Sophie08 [ Wed Feb 13, 2008 6:43 am ]
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Day 9

Wow! Day 9! This is amazing. I feel wonderful and I got pretty far, I can totally continue. I've finally made up my mind about my goal: I'll be doing this for 18 days. I'm halfway there! I'm going to start exercising now, I have plenty of energy and I'd like to give those toxins an extra push to get out of my body!

Author:  gail2frog [ Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:55 am ]
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Wow, Sophie -- sounds like you're doing great! Way to go!! :D

I had to laugh when I saw that you're craving hummus. On my first MC, I also had cravings for hummus and it was one of the first things I made when I started eating! This time, I'm really not craving anything --yet. I do miss my green smoothies in the morning, though. Embrace those "healthy food cravings" and give your body what it wants when you're off MC and eating again. If you listen carefully, it will tell you exactly what it needs. Takes some trial and error, but it's well worth the effort!

Keep up the great work!!


Author:  Sophie08 [ Fri Feb 15, 2008 5:13 pm ]
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Gail, I've been gathering some healthy food recipes. I'm so excited about this change. I can't wait to start feeding my body the right kinds of food in the proper amounts. Someone on these boards said after the MC you realize that not only does your body not require vast amounts of foods, but eating healthy is even easier to do because you know how much junk you just cleansed out of your body..... I'm starting to feel that way!

Days 10 & 11
My days are becoming pretty predictable. I haven't had any hunger pangs in a long time. I do get cravings, but they are quickly satiated by the LA. My "cold" symptoms are gone. I no longer have a runny nose or feel like I'm freezing all the time. I can't believe I'm still having BMs.... this is really disturbing! Anyway, I'm off to make my tea. :)

Author:  idajoon79 [ Sat Feb 16, 2008 7:09 am ]
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Wow! I really enjoyed reading your journal. Isn't it crazy how many days into the MC you can go and still eliminate solids?! I'm only on day 4 this time, but I did the MC twice before I had my kids and I was so much healthier then, but I still had solids 10 days into the cleanse.

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