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Author:  shivabliss [ Sun May 11, 2008 9:24 am ]
Post subject:  Shiva's Blessed Fasting Journal


Fasting can be quite a challenge for most of us. It can also be a time where we are the most spiritually powerful, if we are brave enough to rest in the places where we feel uncertainty. I always fast to shed the burden I am carrying around. I fast to open my life up. Knowing that what is irritating me in any given moment on the cleanse, like my boredom, or the SWF, or any other irritating part of the process presents me with a dilemma.

How do we continue the fast when we are bored and fed up? Fasting will bring moments to us that are instead of being calm and wakeful, are quite edgy and irritable. This is an interesting place. For the fasting practitioner this is an exceedingly important place. Fasting will continually put you in a position of being squeezed. All who fast find ourselves in the squeeze. It's a place where we look for alternatives to just being there. It's an uncomfortable place, and it's often a place where people just give up. We like fasting when we feel inspired and in touch with ourselves and on the right path. But what about when it starts to feel like a burden, like we made the wrong choice and it's not living up to our expectations at all? We begin to question how sane the others on this forum sound to us, in fact, they seem pretty confused. Even Stanley Burroughs as our teacher becomes questionable.

When we feel squeezed, there is a tendency for the mind to become small. We feel miserable, like a pathetic, hopeless case. Yet believe it or not, at that moment of bewilderment our minds could become bigger. We're so used to running from our discomfort, and we're so predictable. If we don't like it, we strike out finding fault with the MC program, or beat up on ourselves. When we fast we just have to grow up. I find that when I fast, my best mantra becomes, "OM" Grow up "Svaha".

Author:  jamila [ Sun May 11, 2008 10:00 am ]
Post subject: 

wow Shiva, this is such a great post! That's actually how I felt yesterday and today , very irritable, getting bored of this lemon-tea routine, envious of people going to nice restaurants for dinner on Saturday night. Well I almost felt very weak and started questioning how healthy this can be, just as you described. And I almost gave up, instead, I cheated a little and got a 10oz supergreen juice to gain some strength. It worked and today I am determined to keep going till the end. your post is very inspirational and made me understand I am not the only one going through these ups- and downs. Thx!

Author:  shivabliss [ Sun May 11, 2008 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Relating to the Squeeze when we fast

Fasting forces me to relate to the squeeze, to become inquisitive about unknown territory, and curious about the mystery of what is going to happen next on the fast. Each day is drastically different. There is a state of "nowness" available to us in that moment of the squeeze. In that awkward ambiguous moment is our own wisdom mind. Right there in the uncertainty is our own wisdom mind. This wisdom encourages us to keep going and stay on our cleanse. Sometimes it can be quite daring, maybe we feel we aren't up to it. But that's just the point. Right there in that inadequate, restless feeling is our wisdom mind. We can simply experiment. There's absolutely nothing to lose. We could experiment with not getting tossed around by our cravings and addictions and with learning to relax. Everyone on MC will have moments when they feel stuck and can't seem to move forward. We will all be tested with holding our seats with the big squeeze. Fasting teaches us how to not give up on yourself and not to run away when the bottom falls out. From my own experience, I can pass along this encouragement not to jump over the big squeeze, but to look at it just as it is, not just out of the corner of an eye. How do we work with a sense of burden? How do we learn to relax and connect with joy?
This is what we are doing when we fast. It's like inviting what scares us to introduce itself and hang around for awhile. I always say to my fears, "It is wonderful you demons came today. You must come again tomorrow. From time to time, we should converse." Fasting can help you to exorcise your demons, by treating them with compassion. When we fast we, "Approach what you find repulsive, and go to the places that scare you."

When I fast I think of poison as medicine. We can use difficult situations "poison" as fuel for waking up. When anything difficult arises, instead of trying to get rid of it, we breathe it in. The three poisons are passion {this includes addiction, or craving}, aggression, and ignorance {which includes denial, or the tendency to close down or shut out}. We would usually think of these poisons as something bad, something to be avoided. But that isn't the attitude while on the Master Cleanse, instead they become seeds of compassion and openness. When suffering arises, let the story line go and breathe it in. Instead of pushing it away or running from it, we breathe in and connect with it fully.

Our habitual tendency is to struggle against what's happening to us or in us. When we fast it is best to move toward the difficulties rather than backing away. We don't get this kind of encouragement very often.

Everything that occurs while on MC is not only usable and workable but is actually the path itself. We can use everything that happens to us as the means for waking up and staying on our program. Regarding whatever arises on the cleanse as the manifestation of awakened energy, as sacred.

Often on MC we panic. We must deal with the demons of our hopes and fears. How do we stop struggling against ourselves? We go to the places that scare us when we fast, there is just no way around it. That place is charnel ground for manifesting our wisdom. This wisdom is the basis of freedom and also the basis of confusion. In every moment on the cleanse we make a choice. Which way do we go?

JUST RELAX and LIGHTEN UP! When we wake up in the morning we can dedicate this day of our fast to learning how to do this. We can cultivate a sense of humor and practice giving ourselves a break. Each day we fast, we can think of it as training to lighten up, to have a sense of humor, to relax.

1. No more struggle: "Whatever arises, train again and again in seeing it for what it is. The innermost essence of mind is without bias. Things arise and dissolve forever and ever. Whatever happens, we can look at it with a nonjudgmental attitude. This is the primary method for working with painful situations."

2. Using poison as medicine: "When suffering arises, we breathe it in for everybody. This poison is not just our personal misfortune. Everyone on MC must face the SWF, everyone must overcome cravings for food. We have a kinship with everyone who has ever survived a fast, when we are on the program. Instead of pushing away, or running from our discomforts while cleansing, we breathe them in. We connect with what is going on fully. Knowing that we do this with the wish that all who cleanse can be free of suffering."

3. Regarding whatever arises as awakened energy: "This reverses our habitual pattern of trying to avoid being uncomfortable while fasting, or trying to smooth things over, trying to prove that pain is a mistake that would not exist in our lives if only we did the right things. Master Cleanser encourages us to look at the fast as charnel ground for our lives and as the working basis for attaining enlightenment."

Author:  shivabliss [ Sun May 11, 2008 12:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Do you love your life?

Fasting can help you reclaim your natural state as it reestablishes order in your body. You begin to undo the damage that was caused by living your life backward. Many forget the body and the spirit altogether. As with everything in nature, if your life isn't supported by a grounded health routine you will wither and lose your vitality. MC can help you to get your life force back! Balancing your body isn't particulary hard, especially if you think of it as a process of not just living your life, but actually LOVING your LIFE!

Whenever we are fasting, we are loving our lives dearly.

Author:  jamila [ Sun May 11, 2008 4:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi Shiva, well that's interesting, I was scared to mess up the cleanse by adding anything; however I see in this forum that people add wheat grass . I will try that tomorrow. The supergreens I drank was actually a juice from the store :? ..I have this green powder , Vitamineral Green, this is the link: ... lement.htm
from what you say I can actually ad this to my drink once a day if I want to?
This is day 8 for me, my first cleanse, and in the last couple of day's I'd like to try some variations like adding the green mix.
Thx for your informative posts. yes Day 1 is indeed the hardest :wink: It's better to have a busy day at work on day 1 to make it pass fast!

Author:  shivabliss [ Mon May 12, 2008 4:51 am ]
Post subject:  Day One begins with me

Day one begins with me.

Fasting is a personal journey of walking through the fire. It is a process I cannot control, but one I must midwife. I face this cleansing fire with great bravery realizing it is not a threat. My time on MC is a very creative and powerful time where I am required to look at myself without running away. It is a safe place where I can look at the ugliness, chaos and confusion inside of my toxic body, knowing it's discovery is my path to healing and wholeness. This path takes time. We may start our cleanse expecting quick relief from suffering. When that is not forthcoming, we may become disappointed, resentful, or indignant. We may even rail against the program or abuse it. Many of us cannot digest the powerful medicine of MC in one dose, but as we treat ourselves in a step wise fashion, our capacity for true healing increases. Then we can and ought to take more powerful doses-- longer cleanses. When we can do that, we soon come to see MC's true potency and it's healing power. It is the most powerful medicine for counteracting disease, aging and a toxic body. This is a process, and is achieved over a period of time by attuning our bodies to heal in natural processes, and believing in the good, the underlying order of all things. There is a reservoir of goodness inside of us. We must commit to finding it through our efforts, we don't force our health, but allow it to happen, by supporting life. When we fast we are life positive.

Author:  shivabliss [ Tue May 13, 2008 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Fasting is my health insurance policy

Our usual mental programming is often very negative and insecure when it comes to fasting. Most people will never even attempt one day. If you begin to change your internal dialogue by batting down the negative aspects and replacing them with positive aspects, the ego retreats. Much of what your ego is telling you about the imminent danger you face from fasting is not true or realistic. Your head doesn't tell you about what is actually happening in your life, it is full of negative "maybe's".

The spiritual energy within us, our higher selves, are honest and serene. When we fast for forty days, or even just one day really, we stand in awe of that energy and have a sense of propriety about our actions. That is what is meant by taking responsiblility for your life. This is why I fast. It is my health insurance policy. The one we buy from Blue Cross, is no good. By the time we need it, it is too late.

Author:  shivabliss [ Wed May 14, 2008 6:39 am ]
Post subject:  Fasting in the direction of urgently needed change

From mental discipline and an alignment to your spirit, you begin to control your levels of fear. On MC we step out of the normal mindset of mankind, which is very fearful most of the time. You step up to a new and more courageous place each day you stay on your cleanse. If you step towards your spirit, it embraces you and creates a spiritual cocoon that gradually expresses itself in your etheric energy and keeps you safe on your fast. As you touch it, and feel it, and live within it, it's inherit serenity will pervade your being, you move out of the lower oscillations of etheric energy which removes you from harms way.

Today I realize I am fasting because it is time to leave the extra pounds and accumulated toxins behind. If you are fasting today, perhaps your system just needs some letting go too. I have been on vacation for what seems to be a life time, and I have partied hard, now MC is it's own little party going on inside of me. The other one has to end from time to time. But just because this party is going on here in my living room, and my bathroom, and not in some night club, does not mean it is less of a party. I may be slowing down physically when I fast, but the mind is it's own kind of dance floor. What one can do from a rocking chair, can literally rock the world!

If in fact the highest, most creative work is the work of consciousness, then in slowing down we are not doing less; we are doing more. Having slowed down physically on MC, I am in a better space to rev up psychically. The fast helps me to become contemplative. To shift from the outer to the inner, not to begin my demise, but to reseed and regreen my consciousness! And that is what is happening now: when I fast I am going slower in order to go deeper. In order to go faster in the direction of urgently needed change. This is why I am fasting today, to take myself in the direction of this urgently needed change.

Author:  Nette0309 [ Wed May 14, 2008 7:42 am ]
Post subject: 

Shiva, I don't know if you remember me.. but I cleansed awhile ago, this is my 2nd cleanse and I am doing great this is Day 3, i feel a bit tired but no major syptoms or cravings.

Anywho, I'm finding it hard to stop worrying about weight loss even when I do yoga and think on a mantra, "weightloss" just comes to my mind..

yes, weightloss is a big reason, but also to cleanse in for my health, I just got this thing where I want to get under far under 240 lbs and I just don't want to apply my energy to obessing about this...

My mantra on a dialy is " It's just food" so I am realizing that food is just that food and it's purpose is for nutrients not to feed my emotions.

Because I am a Emotional Eater and I acknowledge that, it's somtheing that I work on every day of my life :!:


funny thing, this is the very last thing that got revealed to me last time I fast, I dunno if I just need to really focus on that or what

but one thing I just don't want to apply energy to weight loss.. cuz then it will eventually cause negative energy for me.. i will just be stress over the number on the scale :!:

Any advice ?

Thanks :D

Author:  Nette0309 [ Wed May 14, 2008 7:52 am ]
Post subject: 

Well, this is what I know for sure, as I think about this , God has given me power of food meaning:

1. I have the power to control the impulse to eat when I'm not hungry.
2. I have the power to not emotionally eat.
3. I know that I am able to deal with the emotion rather than eat. I know that God has equipped to deal with life issues. Rather than abusing food.
4. I just need to do it !

So, I guess... this is what I do need to work on :

My issue with using food instead of dealing with my feelings in any situation, big or small. Because even the small emotional eating that I do daily such as eating instead of going to sleep when tired, is unhealthy for me all around.

Author:  Nette0309 [ Wed May 14, 2008 7:54 am ]
Post subject: 

Shiva, so I guess my question:

is how do I work on the emotional eating issue or the not dealing with my feelings and using food as a source to escape issue and not focusing on the lossing the weight part?

Cuz I know with all of my heart if I can just deal with my feeling and not turn to food, I will loosse the weight, and not only loose the weight but I will be healthier mentally and spirtually.

okay thanks

Author:  shivabliss [ Wed May 14, 2008 11:10 am ]
Post subject:  The reality of that better place comes from fasting

I think it helps to stay on the fast, if you allow it to take on a personal theme for yourself. Mine this time around is to:


If you are anything like me, you want to fast to get to your core identity, your spirit. Many of us come to the fast with alot of won't. Know that your spirit can be trusted. Come to the fast to heal. What challenges you on your fast, causes frustration? Know there is always a solution.

We fast to overcome obstacles. The whole process will test us, moment to moment. Tell yourself, you can do this. GET EXCITED. This fast can be a gift you give yourself to support your spirit. It's a present I give myself, where I go from a desire to get better, to the reality of that better place.

Author:  Nette0309 [ Wed May 14, 2008 12:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

Shiva, thanks for the advice and you are right I MUST LOVE EVERY PART OF ME !!! I am an Emotional Eater and I love me ! :D

What I recieved the most, is just relax and let things take it's course, I am doing great and I have that momentum, I def don't need to mess it up by over thinking, like you said NO WORRIES. Just gonna rest my mind and let my spirit do the work. I'll get what I need from the Lord. .


Author:  shivabliss [ Sun May 18, 2008 9:10 am ]
Post subject:  Our progress radiates invisibly to others

Today as I am fasting, I had this silly vision:

I mount my high horse and set out to fight my evil twin. My evil twin is my own ignorance, and MC ploughs straight at her like there is no tomorrow. Morning comes and I feel lost in a million things I feel I have no power to fix. Yesterday was a real humdinger, but I got through it with fantastic success. Today I feel covered in a wet blanket of toxemia that the cleanse is forcing me to wade through, but atleast I am out of my cheesy denial. Where I sit smiling, pretending everything is just fine. When you begin the fast, or your sobriety, you sit down and quit. It feels alot better. But it's also rather scary. In the end I think you realize that all the rumors are true, that we are our own worst enemy. You realize that you are the infidel, and you realize the battle is going on inside you. The war is always inside us. MC teaches us to surrender, it asks us to put our minds down. Stop fighting with our eyes shut.

It's going to work. Surrender that is. Certainly plans A, B, and C were glorious flops. This new tactic might turn out the perfect solution. Once you quit fighting it helps you enormously. Perhaps by watching we learn what it is we don't want to become.

I find that my evil twin is armed and dangerous and isn't flinching! If I battle at all with her, I lose. I just have to wake up and live the truth. If I try to force or reason with her, she feels imposed upon, but if I simply live an honor code that I internalize, the power of my spirit begins to radiate a light no darkness can prevail. It's not by force or even reason, we end up having successful fasts, but by the power of our spirits. By finding the humility to live in truth.

The mind has alot of unhelpful images that it sells to us as true. I believe personally that fasting will become much easier for you if you develop a true POSITIVE inner dialogue with yourself. All spiritual teachings express the importance of this. Changing your inner dialogue will help you to have a more successful cleanse. Replace any negative thought with a truthful positive one. "I can't tolerate another horrible SWF!" becomes, "I can do this wonderful flush, it's the best part of my day!" Simultaneously we ought to clean up the things we say to others as well, when we fast. We keep things simple, by speaking only from our hearts and only uttering those things we know to be true. Fasting will insist that you work on yourself, each day. Not just physically, but spiritually in a very profound way. When we work on ourselves, the progress we make radiates invisibly to others. Others will see the changes in you from your fast, long before you ever see them in yourself.

Author:  SLM [ Sun May 18, 2008 3:43 pm ]
Post subject: 

Shiva, I love reading your thread. It just oozes feeling and spirituality. It causes me to look inward at the real me and embrace every part of myself. Something I've never done before in my entire life and something that sorely needed to be done. You insights and advice are very simply gold. Thank you.

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