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Author:  shivabliss [ Sat Jul 18, 2009 5:23 am ]
Post subject:  Just a little bit lower than the angels on MC

You can find Heaven on earth when you fast (sunrise at Haleakala)
Your body can become your divine abode of happiness. Your precious body is a dwelling place. MC can help raise the state of your human consciousness so your mind can rest, feeling at ease, at home.

Everything depends on your ability to hold a clear view of whatever is happening, both externally and internally, when you fast without losing balance. If the mind sees clearly, one meets the fasting experience with cordial intent. When we hold the mind steady, we can correctly assess the situations we meet
Your correct assessment will bring what is called, “clear comprehension of purpose,” the sure knowledge of what response is required and what is possible. Clear comprehension creates a response, sometimes in action, sometimes just in thought.

MC can help you to reach your human potential … which is just “A little bit lower than the angels

There are three possible responses you could have to your fast today: pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. (Here you might think for a moment about how many times in a day, or even in an hour, you think, “Oh good!” or, “Oh phooey!” or even, “Boring day. Not much happening.”) These different flavors of experience are normal, just the facts of life, and that they aren’t, by themselves, problematic. They do, however, have the potential to create unhappiness. If they are not recognized, and acknowledged, they create thoughts that carry an imperative for change. “I need more of this.” “I must get rid of this!” “I can’t stand this.” An agitated mind soon crashes the fast

Author:  shivabliss [ Sat Jul 18, 2009 5:47 am ]
Post subject:  endless notes to my soul

The mind wobbles when it discovers it can’t have something it wants, relief comes when our minds stop struggling and says, “I wanted something different, but this is what I have.” The success of our fasts
depends on our mind’s being relaxed and alert enough to notice both what’s happening around us and what’s happening as our internal response. Even though our situations include challenge, our refuge is our ability to stay connected with our own good nature, available for expression

Otherwise we will have missed it.
Don’t let yourself miss the opportunity to be touched by your own human courage. Don’t forget to pray.

On your fasts even though we are not eating, there are so many other pleasures we can enjoy. Learn to enjoy “this” moment when you fast. Self pity, envy, and jealousy are enemies of the fasting experience. Let go of all unhappy and tense states and try to establish connections that nourish and enliven the moment. This perspective is our safety net! It will help you keep from falling into the limitations of self-absorption from which no reality check into wisdom is possible

Author:  shivabliss [ Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:09 am ]
Post subject:  Preparing mentally for my upcoming 4 week fast

Shiva Bliss just checkin in to say that I plan on starting another fast this coming Thursday. I am going for a 28 day event. I will be fasting on green veggie juice again, as my candida is driving me bonkers. I have been on the diet for 4 months now, and I still have a fungal infection in my nose from the yeasties. I ordered two bottles of Nystatin yesterday, after reading the yeast connection book, I realize that Nystatin is the safest anti fungal to take and so I am hoping this helps knock this out of me.

The good news is that my body has been free of arthritis since my last fast back in March. It was in my left hip and in my hands and it's gone and has not come back. I had parasites, and this took many months to get rid of. I am still treating the problem every ninety days with the meds. 4 pills chewed down on an empty stomach. You know if you have them again because there is rectal itching and itching underneath the belly button area. IT'S been pretty quiet in there, thank God, so I know the treatment has been working. My major complaint is the sinusitis from the candida. If I make a mistake on the diet, it goes into my lungs. Over the 4th of July I had a couple of drinks with alcohol and the next day I had pnuemonia symtoms. Scared me pretty badly.... clear sticky yukky fluid draining out of my lungs. Luckily it cleared rapidly because I immediately stopped the partying! Thats not a party, it's a disaster. Alcohol is like throwing kerosine on yeast, it creates a bonfire. The good news is that I finally broken my sugar addiction. I don't even think about it anymore. I NEVER eat it, not one bite. No fruit, no bread, no junk foods... back in May I had my last McDonalds hamburger. I got news that day my best friend died. I was driving in a car crying and went through the drive through... that burger tasted TERRIBLE to me. I used to love them. But it tasted like card board. Once you go off the crap for months on end, if you eat it again, you say to yourself... "HOw did I ever eat this stuff?" It didn't even taste like food. My sister in Indiana this summer had a hard time with me being thin again. She is fat and ate tons of pizza and ice cream before bed at night, and one afternoon, she litterally started cussing at me, because I was eating brussels sprouts and salmon while she chomped down a gross frozen pizza. But the last day I was there, she finally said... "You inspire me, to go sugar free as well." She saw how thin I am now, and she wants her figure back too. You really can eat a great deal of food and stay thin. Really good food too. I eat brown rice and long grain wild rice, these are complex carbs and they actually create FOS which makes friendly bacteria in your colon which fights candida. No white rice or potatoes or cheese is allowed. I can also have protiens like meat and fish, but the fish must be frozen first because candida patients are prone to parasitic infections and fleshy animal products carry parasites, even meats like pork and beef have them. So I only buy those organic and frozen first. The freezing kills the critters. The other thing I am learning to do is to drink very alkaline water. I am in the process of getting a machine that makes Kangan water. Water from a Japanese machine filter that changes the waters PH. My PH must stay 7.0 or above to heal this candida problem. Even if you don't have it yours should also stay this way. One of the reasons MC does so well for us, is that it is an alkaline assault for our bodies, which is very healing. Lemons which are acid in the mouth, turn alkaline in the digestive process. They are little miracle fruits. I will be drinking lemonade with STEVIA while on my 28 day fast, but my main source of nutrition will be coming from the deep green healing juices of wheatgrass, and my veggie drink which consists of green cabbage, cucumbers, celery and zuchinni squash... with ginger or jalepeno's or harbenero peppers for a kick. I will not stop until my nose heals... this is really freaking me out. I have been traveling for two months and have not been able to fast. On the road it is impossible really. But now I am on my way back home and once I get there, I am honkering down and going for the healing.

Author:  shivabliss [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Starting my cleanse tomorrow morning

I have been meaning to start my new fast for the past several days, and have not made it past the morning cup of coffee and then I am off to eating all day long after that. But tomorrow will definitely be my day one again. I definitely need the cleanse this time around. Will most likely start a new thread and share my process beginning on day one.

Author:  shivabliss [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Day One

I am just now getting ready for bed at the end of day one. I knew today was coming and I was mentally prepared for it, but there is no easy way around missing breakfast and lunch on dreaded day one. I swam in the sea today and laid on the beach and listened to the surf. Played with the dog, fetch in the ocean. I made my green juice out of radish sprouts, daikon, cabbage, cucumber, celery and zucchini with a bit of ginger root for good measure. I drank about 4 eight ounce glasses of the green drink, and the rest of the day I drank Detox tea. My nose is draining like crazy. I am coughing out of my lungs a tremendous amount of clear mucous. My stomach is gurgling. Growling. I have pain down my left leg, and extreme itching in the right ear. Other than that I feel pretty good. I have just been so very tired lately. Have had to take naps during the day and everything, which is very unlike me, but very much like Candida.

I am just glad I achieved this day and got it under my belt. I always say if you can get through day one, you can get through forty. Day one is by far the hardest... now to just get to day five, where the hunger pangs leave and you feel as if you could fast forever. Looking forward to that one.

Tonight as I was driving home there was a gorgeous moon bow in the sky.
I pulled over and turned the car off and just sat there looking at it in awe. I feel blessed. This is going to be the fast of my life... I can just feel it.


Author:  shivabliss [ Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Day Two

Went out this morning to get the green juice supplies. Quite pricey on Maui. One cabbage is five dollars. Luckily I found a local store selling Maui grown and got the cabbages for considerably less. My entire gallon of juice for today was only $12.00. Today's brew has 3 jalapeno peppers, daikon, and ginger root along with the 3 C's.... cucumber, celery, cabbage and zucchini. This is making my nose run like a river.

I still haven't done a SWF yet. I will do that at some point later today or may even wait until tomorrow morning. Not sure. I usually do it upon awakening, but I just forgot this morning. I am easing into this fast. I am going for the long haul. At least 3 weeks is what I am thinking and will see how I am doing after that. I am concerned about the friendly bacteria levels in my colon and intestines. SWF knocks it all out. For candida patients this is bad bad news. All I can do is perhaps not do the flush every day...??? I am thinking every 2 or 3 days and to get on really good probiotics for weeks and weeks after cleansing ends this time... actually what am I saying?? I live on them, there are no days off of probiotics for a candida sufferer. I am tempted to take them even while I am cleansing. I know it's not the way it is suppose to be done, but my body needs all the help it can get and then some. I do not know how I got this candida so badly, except to say, that I ignored it completely when it was in the earlier stages. I kept eating sugar and bread and fermented foods like mushrooms and cheese and wine. I just didn't get it. Oblivious. Don't let this happen to you, if you have candida, go on the diet for a full 3 months and get rid of it now. Before it sneaks up on you and try's to take you out of this world.

I am glad I am on day two. Today will be much easier than yesterday. The juice tastes great and I just know it is going to heal me.

Author:  shivabliss [ Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Still Day 2

I picked some lemons off a local tree so I can make lemonade with Stevia for my candida, I must be sugar free, so this is the only lemonade I can have while fasting. It is early evening here on Maui, and I am hungry. So instead of eating, I am drinking my green juice that I made this morning, and I am distracting myself, by logging onto the forum and writing about how I am doing. Today I weighed myself and was surprised that I am at 124 pounds. This is a miracle for me. All last year I was 130 and above. I think this fast is going to get me down to 115 pounds or less. This will be interesting to see... I haven't been that thin since my early twenties. It is kind of exciting. My weight really hasn't been an issue for me anymore, thanks to my program of fasting every 90 days over the past 3 years. But what has really made the difference, is my candida diet. All I can eat is protein, vegetables, and brown rice. Not much else. I get to eat Macadamia nuts and cashews, and I eat them like crazy as my snack food. But because I am on such a restricted diet they don't make me gain weight.

Today my nose still drained like crazy. Right now it feels pretty clear, and my right ear which is infected with the candida feels much less itchy this evening as well. I am not sure why my left leg aches so badly, but one healer said they thought it was from my sinus being sick for so long. Corresponding meridian points in the legs are very sore and indicative of sinusitis.

Day 2 has been a perfect fasting day. All I have had is green veggie juice and detox tea. This is all I am going to have in my body besides water for quite sometime now. That and a little wheat grass daily and for a change I can have a lemonade. I think I will make a hot one like a cup of tea tonight with the cayenne and stevia.

Love to All,

Author:  shivabliss [ Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:46 am ]
Post subject:  day 3

Last night I was sound asleep by 8:30pm. It' s npw 6:30am and I am awake but still very tired feeling. My nose is still draining like crazy. I am finally doing my first SWF of this cleanse this morning. I am drinking down an entire Evian bottle with 4 teaspoons of sea salt. Then I will have to drive out and get the daily green juice supplies. Yesterdays batch had 3 jalepeno peppers in it, which made it taste great to me.

I am going to be sure and get my wheatgrass today so I don't feel so tired. It always helps kill my appetite and wakes me up like a Starbucks. Last night my friends were cooking a huge dinner and I had to smell it. Yikes. Mac and Cheese, sure smelled good. But I soon passed out and made it through a very successful day 2. My tongue is heavy coated white. I swear this is the cleanse that I am going to stay on until my tongue turns pink. Those of you whose tongues never turn pink on MC, you might have candida like I do. Mine has never turned pink in over a decade now. Naughty candida. I ordered Nystatin, a drug that kills Candida yeast overgrowth from an online pharmacy without a prescription and it should be here any day now. This will definitely help kill the yeast in my body. The fast will help the process as well by helping clear out the die off. My upper front teeth are numb from having the sinusitis condition for so long. In the Yeast connection book the doctors gave their patients Nystatin to take sometimes for 3 solid months to cure this problem. A few of them then had to take it for the first two weeks of each month for the following year. No wonder why I have not been getting better. Diet alone will not do it. You need a serious anti-fungal. But it won't work if you feed the yeast. So we must do both... diet and anti-fungals. Today I am on Oregano Oil as my anti fungal, until the Nystatin arrives.

To all of you who are out there doing your SWF this morning too... Bottoms UP! In more ways than one. Happy Fasting all....

Shiva Bliss
Day 3 My right ear really itches this morning!!!!!!

Author:  shivabliss [ Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:19 pm ]
Post subject:  still day 3

I am already feeling better. Breathing more clear and deep. Face is softening, eyes are brighter, skin glowing. Right ear still itches pretty badly, but my nose is not running tonight. I have a bit of a cough, it was real bad on day one, but now it's much less.

Today all I had was green juice and detox tea. I took it to the movies and went and saw a chick flick with one of my girls here on Maui after a relaxing afternoon swimming in the sea and laying on the beach. I think that Maui must be one of the best places on earth to be for someone who is fasting. The earth has amazing energy here, the sea is so clean, and this environment is so great for the fast. I stopped into Jamba juice and had two ounces of wheat grass around 6PM, this always gives me an energy boost. Last night I fell asleep around 8:30 because I didn't drink any WG all day long, so I was so tired. It really does make a big difference. I also love how much it helps the detox along. I noticed my lungs started detoxing after I drank it. I just know I am doing the right thing for my body. This cleanse is going to be a long one, a long and deep deep body detox. Candida be gone.

Also another note to self: make the green juice with less jalepeno and ginger tomorrow. It was burning coming out the other end. Not good.

Author:  shivabliss [ Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:30 am ]
Post subject:  day 4

I have only lost one pound since this fast has begun. Maybe two. Which supports what I have always said about fasting and that is that our bodies are infinitely wise. If you are thin and you fast, you will not lose that much weight. When I was heavier by day four I would lose 6 pounds. But I am only 123 pounds today. My body is in heavy detox right now, but I feel pretty good. My nose is still draining mucous, my lungs and my right ear still have symptoms of infection. But I can feel, really feel, that I am getting better.

Today's green juice has a lot of watercress in it. It was on sale at the local market so I picked it up. I find the zucchini makes it taste sweet and milky. Today's recipe is watercress, cabbage, celery, cucumber, zucchini, ginger root, jalepeno peppers and burdock root. I must say I am still hungry. Day 4 is always a hungry day when I fast. I am a house guest right now of a large family who are cooking up a storm. They are baking apple pies, and just made a huge breakfast. I love the smell of toast in the mornings. But I must say it's alot easier to fast when you live alone. I try to stay away from food events at all cost while I detox, because it's really hard to do the fast when there is so much temptation around. Out of sight, out of mind, is the best rule, when we fast. In another week or so from now it will be much easier. There is a point on the fast where the digestive system completely falls asleep. This begins for me usually on day five and it really starts snoring after about day ten.

So far I don't have any headaches or any real body pains at all from this fast. I think this is because I quit drinking coffee in July, and have been sugar free and most everything... free... for about 4 months now. For those of you reading this who are thinking of fasting, it is always a good idea to give up coffee for atleast a week before, and all of the other really toxic things we eat like sugar and dairy, etc.... before the fast begins, so that you won't feel terrible the first few days. I really feel just fine.

Shiva Bliss
Off to swim in the sea, it is another gorgeous day here on Maui.

Author:  shivabliss [ Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Fast ended

OK. So I went on a 23 mile hike on day 5 and 6 of my fast this week, so of course I ate
It was a chance of a life time hike through Haleakala volcano with dear friends. 8 of us went down sliding sands trail to the volcano floor the first day on a 12 mile journey to Paliku cabin, in the back of the Crater. The next day we hiked another 13 miles across the crater floor and out the switchbacks at the 8 thousand foot elevation. I was a little weak from the fast of 3 and a half days that I did. Slower than the rest of the crew by a long shot. But they were 5 nineteen year olds, one 60 year old and me. Mostly it was just my feet that were hurting. I regret some of the things I did eat, because it fed my candida pretty badly. I decided to go on this trip at the last moment and was unprepared so I ate alot of what they had with them.... things like pasta, and cheese and crackers. Things that made me kind of sick. But atleast I had the energy to do the trip. My nystatin arrived and I have been on it for days now and it is making a noticeable difference today. Perhaps I feel better because I slept a solid ten hours last night after that 2 day hike, I was beyond exhausted. But today I feel great. I am trying to decide what to do now.... do I go back to the fast? I think I will just wait a few more days... and then begin again. I think a week is a good turn around time once you have ended your fast to start it again, so your immune system doesn't get yo yo'ed too badly. I know jerking it around is not good. Best to eat now properly and start the 21 day event in a few more days from now.

Until then..........

Good luck today to all you fellow faster's out there. Fasting Rocks. I am grateful for last weeks 3 1/2 days. They made a huge difference for me, and I know they will make my 21 day fast coming up even easier, because I have detoxed a layer off the onion so to speak. Next week I will be starting with an even cleaner body than before


Author:  katiekatiekatie [ Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:31 am ]
Post subject: 

You have an amazing journal....I am starting the cleanse August 30 when I get back from Europe (on a business trip)...

Any tips would be amazing....

Author:  shivabliss [ Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:27 pm ]
Post subject: 

Looking forward to your return from Europe and having you join us here on your cleanse Katie. Don't be shy to come around and jump in.

Author:  shivabliss [ Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:19 am ]
Post subject:  The FAST will require that you be "FULLY HERE".

Being “fully here” here on Master Cleanse.

Master Cleanser starts with us just where we are, with our confusion and our sanity. It teaches us complete acceptance of ourselves and keeps us in a simple, direct relationship with our being. The fast requires that we cultivate loving-kindness toward ourselves and our process. Here is what the fast will ask of you:

1. To be STEADFAST. Steadfastness. When we fast we are strengthening our ability to be steadfast with ourselves, in body as well as mind.

2. To have CLEAR SEEING. Clear seeing. This is another way of saying that we have less self-deception. Through the process of the fast, day after day, we begin to be very honest with ourselves.

3. Allow yourself to EXPERIENCE YOUR EMOTIONAL DISTRESS. We practice dropping whatever story we are telling ourselves and lean into the emotions and fears that come up for us when we cleanse. Your cleanse can help you clear emotional baggage that you have been carrying for years. Fast to get rid of your tired old story. Stay with those old emotions, experience them, and leave them as is. No need to proliferate. Your fast will train your fearful heart to open to the restlessness of your own energy. On Master Cleanser we abide with the experience of our emotions.

4. KEEP YOUR ATTENTION ON THE PRESENT MOMENT. Attention to the present moment. We make the choice, moment by moment, to be fully here. Attending to our present-moment mind and body is a way of being tender towards our self and the Master Cleanse. This is about the quality of our attention, and is about our ability to love. Master Cleanser can awaken your heart. It will teach you how to relate to difficult situations without running away, like I always did.

Author:  caliqueen75 [ Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

Whoa. Number 3 is DEEP for me. Thanks so much for posting those pearls of wisdom. It's given me something to meditate on.

Love all your pictures!!!

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