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Shiva's Blessed Fasting Journal
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Author:  shivabliss [ Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:23 pm ]
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Author:  Rapunzel [ Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:44 pm ]
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I have to do the capsules. I cant stand it straight powder. Do you think its safe to do 1 capsule each glass? If Im having 6 glasses a day of the lemonade?

Thank you for the info I had been looking online and never found anything saying what too much does.

Have you gotten your lab results back yet?

Author:  shivabliss [ Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:44 am ]
Post subject:  about the cayenne amounts to take in capsules

Hi Rapunzel,
I used to do a cleanse called "Arise and Shine" for many, many years back in the 90's. The cleanse called for taking cayenne capsules with your juice. One or two, 3 times a day at meal times. I think that taking cayenne capsules, just one with each 8 ounce glass of lemonade would be perfect... not to exceed taking more than six total a day, as your intuition has already told you. Sounds perfect.

Merry Christmas to you, by the way! Hope your holidays are bringing you peace and happiness.


Author:  harbour [ Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:52 pm ]
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Dearest Shiva,
was delighted to read that you're planning to fast soon, as our fasts will overlap! Mine begins tomorrow (the 6th).
Please keep posting!

good energy to you,

Author:  shivabliss [ Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Finding the Hidden Door within while fasting

If you hold steady onto your fasting goals, you will manifest them one way or another.
You can search and search for the hidden door while on MC, endlessly pondering and wondering, thinking, feeling so confused, but the key to everything is the day you realize you ARE the hidden door. That is why no one’s potential is ever excluded; the only exclusion policy is inside your heart for if you have not processed your shadow and it remains in place then technical difficulties arise.

The fasting process will bring you to the celestial light inside of you, but you will have to cross two bands of evil to get there; it is like going over two fences while crossing a field. After the fast begins, you have crossed over the first one, into a ‘no man’s land’ and then a few days or weeks later you cross the next barrier and on toward the door. If your shadow is still repressed and hidden inside as you approach the door that is within you, the ghouls come out in droves to stop you and they will give you a fright and you’ll be forced back on your cleansing journey.

Author:  shivabliss [ Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:28 am ]
Post subject:  Your darkness must be made whole or it causes big trouble

It sounds jolly spooky but it is a very good thing, while your shadow is hiding it has great power to cause you pain, but once it comes out for you to see clearly on your fast, you can see what is happening and it is no longer hidden. Once your loyalty to your fast has been proved, your choice firmly made to prevail no matter what, and if you are on this forum, almost everyone here has already made their choice. But some remain
on the cusp alternating between the two sides , yes-no, maybe.

Most of the soul’s decisions are already made. Once the darkness comes out of hiding it eventually dies and your life changes. The fast then, is like a civil war that might tear you apart for awhile, but as you fight for your life, you make peace with the light and dark within you, and you become unified. When we reach our goal of our fasting journeys, you will find that the light and dark within you comes back together in the end.


While you insist you are all light and sweetness and all things bright and beautiful your shadow remain hidden with in you and you are in great danger. But once you process that darkness, the wounded child within, then you are safe for your Inner child becomes your shield and protector but first you have to bring it out and recognize it and love it for the pain that was inflicted upon it and the pain it subsequently inflicted on others. Gradually a peace treaty is struck and the civil war within is resolved.
In the end the dark has to be loved and made whole or it causes big trouble.

Author:  shivabliss [ Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:40 am ]
Post subject:  Do the fast quietly

So the fast gives us a great chance and the darkness within you, no chance! Do the fast quietly, confront yourself, consume little, hold to beauty and agree to be last. That, as the Taoist say, is the water course way, to take the lowest spot.
The last will be first. Bow and show a genuine reverence and gratitude for the great gift the cleanse offers you, then politely decline nearly everything else and walk away from it. This is fasting. Things you are offered you must decline. Let your own self importance be taken from you. Quirky eh?

Author:  lifeslessons [ Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:14 am ]
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I am so glad to see you are back also, it is from reading your posts that has enlightened me to do and understand what a wonderful journey fasting is! You are an amazing person and Thank God for blessing this forum with you... :D

Author:  shivabliss [ Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  to lifeslessons.... thank you!

Dear Lifeslessons,
Remember my dear to watch your visions and dreams while you are fasting, for they are real and they will show you the way. Even if it feels as though you are lost in a winter of discontent, take heart. The fast will cleanse all the toxic ugliness from within you, as a new you sparks to life.

I was very moved by your words to me. Actually brought a tear to my eye, to think someone would thank God for me. I also thank the great spirit for all of you. I think you all are me. What a wonderful me if that is true, eh?


Author:  shivabliss [ Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:10 am ]
Post subject:  The grace you exhibit while on the fast means everything

In the end, protecting your divinity is the success or failure of your life; it measures the width of your comprehension.
You are beautiful beyond words, incandescent, a golden light form whose life is a gift from the divine. I see your divinity as your luminosity, and it is also the light of who you are. Your natural power is your humility. Have you noticed the different tone your body gives off while you are on this fast? It could be the grace you exhibit in this difficult circumstance. Protect it.


I have often failed in this aspect in the past on my cleanses. I let so many people get close, and then they'd trash me, or make up stories about me, strange stuff only madness can invent. Then one day, I woke up, and I changed my ways, not much, but a bit. It all changed, when I decided to protect my luminosity. Not to put too great a spin on it, but to say each of us is a luminous being. People try to eat that light, because they are in the dark.
You don't have to give it away; especially not to people that don't deserve it. Keep the fast to yourself.

Author:  Rapunzel [ Sun May 23, 2010 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shiva's Blessed Fasting Journal

I have missed you! How are you????

Author:  doubaobin [ Sun May 23, 2010 9:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shiva's Blessed Fasting Journal

I just started reading your journal today. It is amazing so far. Like everything else in life I believe whatever fear or difficulties we face in MC is an oportunity to learn and to grow. I definitely feel the freedom. The freedom from not being controled by food, by my craving, by my pysical body or even my mind. Way too often we use food to cure our problems in life. When we are bored, we eat. When we are sad we eat. When we are happy we eat. Chinese have a saying "people die for prosperity, and birds die for food". So often our lives are driven by these urges and desire to satisfy these needs and we forgot what we are here for. Fasting definitely made me see this. Maybe this is why so many religious practice require followers to fast. When we don't have food to help us run away from our problems, we can truely start to face and understand ourselves.

Author:  Rapunzel [ Mon May 24, 2010 5:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shiva's Blessed Fasting Journal

That was perfectly said =)

Author:  shivabliss [ Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shiva's Blessed Fasting Journal

When we fast we need to cultivate choices that are not our habitual response. It comes down to getting to know your emotional energy. When you are having a craving or you are really tired and you just don't feel like you can fast anymore and you are fed up, we need to listen to that one part of ourselves that holds our innate intelligence, that knows why we are fasting. The other voice is a highly charged emotional voice that screams, "Feed Me!". So what do we do about that? We could say that voice in us is bad and we need to get rid of it, but that never works. When we fast it is best to neither reject or indulge in our own emotional energy, and instead we get to know it. We say hello to our demons. Glad you came today. From time to time we should converse. This transmutes the the confusion of our emotions into wisdom. In simple terms we become one with our own energy instead of splitting off.

To stay on your fast when your head is yelling for you to stop, is like coming to a crossroads. You ask, what will soothe me in this minute? The habitual responce is to that what will soothe me is to get what I want. I want a cheeseburger!! I want my needs met. But we have all seen what this choice leads to. We fast like an angel, and crash the fast like a devil. We need to cultivate that other choice!

As you are acting, you could ask yourself, have I ever acted this way before? If the answer is yes it means you are acting unconsciously. You bite the hook and you get swept away.

When we get caught by our minds, we don't even see what we are doing.
We end up putting kerosene on the fire, by our knee jerk reactions and we don't even realize what we are doing. When facing a difficult situation like staying on your fast when you are having a weak moment, the point is to stay with the underlying uneasiness and lean into it. Connect with the natural openness of your mind. There is just you there and your battle with your inner principals that sooner or later you start to feel deep in your bones. No one is forcing you to stay on your fast. Ultimately we know what the right decision is. The part of us that needs to be healed when we cleanse is really pretty childish.

Author:  SanDee [ Sun May 29, 2011 1:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shiva's Blessed Fasting Journal

Shiva...How are you, my dear? We have missed you..I am praying all is well with you. I must let you know you have been, and still are, a source of strength and knowledge to many of us on this site... I have not cleansed in about a year...I am overdue and I am having trouble getting my mind right, so I began to read your Blessed Cleansing beautifully written and it is motivating me to start right now. I have everything I need and I am perfect just as I am and Shiva, my dear, you are too. Blessing and Love...Nameste

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