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Author:  Jannadami [ Sat Mar 07, 2009 9:33 pm ]
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Day 13
48.2 kg (106lbs)

Did my morning colon cleanse, washed my hair and I'm up to work. Yesterday I walked around a fair for 2 hours, had great massage there as well, then stopped at Nike convention to watch some performances. I felt a bit weak in the afternoon, like physically weak. I haven't run in days but today it seems to be appealing weather. Sun shining through the window is drying my hair :).
Hey, have a nice lemon-squeezing SUNday!!
Love, Janna

Author:  Jannadami [ Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:39 pm ]
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Day 14

Just a quick hello before I go shopping lemons&oranges. I've totally run out of lemons yesterday evening, there were just enough of them for yesterday. Oh, I finally went running for 1h and then in the evening danced at a concert for 2 hours! In the morning I felt a bit weak but after the run I was energized and the energy still lasts, yay me! I had quite many small spoonfuls of honey&wax, like 1dl altogether, besides this mint tea, orange&lemon drink and of course the standard maple syrup concoction. I still haven't finished the 1 litre of the syrup! I don't like the taste if I put too much syrup in my drink. I think I still have 2-3dl left. Huh :P

Nice day!!

Author:  Jannadami [ Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:07 pm ]
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Day 15
48.3kg (106lb)

Hehe, I seem to be stuck at this plateau for 4 days so far :wink:. Hey body, what are you up to? I'm gonna take you for a run in a couple of hours, we'll move it, move it.
My energy is good again. The weakness has gone. I cycled yesterday to the meeting, we had another great meditation, there were 15 of us (out of 23) who're still doing the fast, yet some of them admitted they eat too. One of the participants said that the optimum cycle is 21 days for one can still experience some benefits in the 3rd week. I guess that's gonna be easy. Though I have no expectations from myself. I'm free. My mind's free and taking me where I feel great.

How are you doing??

Author:  Jannadami [ Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:52 pm ]
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Day 16

I read another forum on MC and I must admit, I like that one a lot!! There I reread the article about 'stages' of detoxication, now I'm in the last stage which begins day 16.
I still have dry skin on my face, especially below eyes. I got very dry skin below eyes 3 weeks ago when I used to walk a lot outside and the weather was cold, creams did not help enough. So I'm still moisturizing my face pretty often.
The skin on my body is dry too. I use a brush each time I take a shower so that I put dead cells on the surface of skin away.
The tongue is almost clean. I don't even scratch it any more, no need.
The enamel of my teeth is still not healed. I wonder if it can get healed at all. I can feel nerves at some parts of my teeth, I realized this some months ago.
When I visited my friend yesterday, she said I looked brilliant. That's a compliment because she could as well have said 'you've gotten so thin'.
Yeah, and I went for a run, 1h20, which is the distance I usually run. I felt a tiny bit weak, but hey, I didn't need not a minute more than usually - so I must have been pretty fast (well, I'm among top 10 long-distance runners in my country).

Today less honey, I hope :)
Have a nice day, my readers!!

Author:  Jannadami [ Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:12 am ]
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Day 17
48.2 kg (106lbs)

I wonder if anybody's reading this...I'd wish someone did it in order to get some motivation, you see how far I have can you too!!

Slept well, good energy. Today I read the book Camino by Shirley McLaine. There is so much wisdom in it, I believe my spiritual level at the moment is high to understand all this and to deepen it. I'm sure my pilgrimage on Camino is going to be a great spiritual travel. Two months ago I felt much less prepared than now...I like it that I come closer to my inner feeling of being ready enough. I will feel it when it's time.

Ain't it strange my weight has stayed the same for 6 days so far? I'm an honest person, I don't cheat. Well, I love this plateau as well! :) I do measure occasionally and I see some difference in measurements.

Author:  Jannadami [ Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:13 pm ]
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Day 18
47.6kg (105lbs)

Who's your daddy!!?? :D Is it possible that my scales moved? Hehe. I weighed in today and also had clystir (I discovered it's also called enema), for tomorrow I'm leaving very early and coming back pretty late. The group yesterday was amazing, I was very concentrated on meditation and was sending tons of positive light (energy) around me to everyone in the world. Cycled there and back, so I had some exercise too. I was pretty fast on bike, I noticed. Yesterday I had surprisingly little honey, the trick was that I only took the crystalized one from the fridge, so I had to go to the kitchen each time I lusted sweet and each time I take half a spoonful up to one spoonful. So great! Honeybees were so kind to make this honey, I'm now glad to be able to consume it :).
Hope you don't dream about lemons :wink:
Love, J.

Author:  Honeydip [ Fri Mar 13, 2009 7:35 pm ]
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Great job Janna. I'm on day 5 today. I haven't been hungry at all this time around. I'll check back in with you soon.

Author:  Jannadami [ Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:26 pm ]
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Days 19+20

Fantastic, Honeydip! Enjoy your trip with MC :)
Yesterday I spent 12 hours away from home, 5 of them in the beginning and 5 at the end in van, we went abroad to visit a fair, my 7 male companions and me :P. I believe this was a trial for me, which I mastered like a professional :wink:. I made at home 1l of camomile tea and 3l of maple syrup+lemon+chilli concoction. I also took one lemon with me. So, the tea was tasty, but then the concoction...I can't stand drinking lemon juice which had been prepared ahead. So the drink was horrible! I managed to drink 1l of it, the other 2l I had to pour away. Instead I squeezed half a lemon into 1l of fresh water - was better but still not optimal. Then into the other bottle I poured fresh water - yep, that was it! It tasted! The rest of the tea in the evening was not tasty either - but I still had water! During the day I also had about 50g of chocolade (got it at the fair) and 1-2dl of honey (took from home). That was enough. I did not crave chocolate, did not like it much, but it was sugar I wished to get. I had more energy during the day than any other of us. On the other side my male companions were so hungry in the evening that they didn't see but food places, hehe. We didn't stop there but then when we came back to the van from the walking tour through the city centre, they consumed tons of sandwiches :wink:. Well, I still like the smell of meat, especially the smell of barbecue.
Well, I lost 1 cm on my thighs over last 4-5 days, now they measure tiny 47 cm (18.4in). My once too tight stretch jeans were yesterday literally falling off me.
Enjoying my morning camomile tea, yummy! Later on I'm going up hill with my hun :)
Happy lemon squeezing, huns!

Author:  marce61 [ Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:07 am ]
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Jannadami, your MC is going great and appears to be uplifting your overall spirit.

I have trouble sleeping, my mind is over active. I try to focus on something totally non-related to upcoming events. Last night I had real hard time falling asleep so I focused on going fishing in my mind and the next thing was me awaking this morning.

I am in Day 3 of my Fat & Flakes MC Cleanse

Author:  FowlysGirl420 [ Sun Mar 15, 2009 6:26 am ]
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Your journal is an inspiration!!!! I am on day 3 and man it isn't easy!! You seem to be progressing really well and feeling great about it.
I am hoping my food cravings leave me today or tomorrow.
I will keep reading your journal and commenting... good job!!!

Author:  Jannadami [ Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:21 pm ]
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Day 21
47.0kg (104lbs)

Wohoa, I even lost some weight! :) Yesterday I consumed 50g chocolate, 2-3dl honey, tea, orange+lemon juice (diluted), this day no maple syrup (I wonder why :wink:). I still have maple syrup for 4-5 concoctions left, a few tablespoons I guess. I went inline skating (45 min) and for a walk in the evening (45 min). Besides this I was reading magazines, yeah, and I watched the fantastic movie Slumdog Millionaire - it just put me on the edge of tears... My mood's still great and I managed to sleep without problems, I just woke once to go on a toilet.
My detox is slowly approaching its end. I decided to not take any probiotics and instead of this money buy vegetables and other food rich in fibre. If probiotics are natural (as they claim to be), then I should get the same effect with food. And of course for much cheaper (though a pack of 12 probiotics would here cost only 10 dollars, much cheaper than in the US).
Thanx for your two lovely comments. You know first couple of days might seem like eternity while the days during MC pass like a second!

Love&happy lemon squeezing! :wink:

Author:  iggy [ Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:04 am ]
Post subject:  Great Job!


I am so inspired by you. I also want a healthy, thin body. when I lived in Hong Kong and walked everywhere, I stayed at about 105-107 pounds and felt great. I love eating and most of my social life revolves around dining out and I also prepare meals for my husband and three children. I completed my firs MC day today and weighed in at 119#. I was afraid to go for a run, but tomorrow I will.

I have been skeptical of the MC weight loss claims, as the seem impossible.
I wish someone would post progress pictures. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Author:  Jannadami [ Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:10 pm ]
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Day 22
46.6kg (103lbs)

Stats time :wink::
Day 1: bust 85 - waist 68 - butt 90 (33-27-35) weight 54.0kg (119lbs)
Day 22: bust 81 - waist 62 - butt 84 (32-24-33) weight 46.6kg (103lbs)

Iggy, now it's perfect time to leave old patterns behind and instead ask the Creator to give you new patterns - he knows which ones you need. These patterns will enable you to enjoy your social life without affecting your waistline. I have no idea how to attach an image :(. Chin up honey, each day is another chance! :)

I officially ended my detox yesterday, unofficially it's still lasting. Tiny changes is what I'm doing. Yesterday I went for a run 1h20, then to bed and had an amazing sleep for 1h30, mmm, and some time later I cycled to our meeting 1h30, stopped on my way back for a tea. Our meeting was inspiring again. The leader felt really weak when she arrived. She was about to cancel (she fell badly in the afternoon) and as the first participant was unavailable on her mobile phone, she understood this as the sign that our meeting is supposed to be. And what a difference at the end! She was like a new person! She hugged each of us late ladies (who chat after the meeting :wink:) and I was glad to have the chance to give her some of my energy. Our next meeting is tomorrow, with the musical instrument gong :) - it will go through our bones.
I removed 3 of my 4 magnets yesterday, the 4th is a souvenir :wink:. I plan to rely on the support of god&myself. Anyway I still know these acupressure points so I can massage them any time.
Happy orange&lemon squeezing!

Author:  marce61 [ Tue Mar 17, 2009 5:09 am ]
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The MC period measurement chart was really informative.

u really lost a symetrical percentage of weight and body mass! WOW

Author:  Jannadami [ Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:54 pm ]
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Day 23

Yesterday no work, therefore reading, doing some research, walking. I finished Shirley's book, the lady is pretty much amazing. I'm glad I followed her on her journey, in fact it is hers, that's her personal story. In these 15 years many things changed, the refuges are more modern, I guess, less barking dogs along the path, hehe. I researched how spleen, pancreas, liver.. function&their hystology. Was pretty much informative.
Besides tea, orange+lemon water I had orange+grapefruit water, chocolate (80g, seems a lot, but did not seem that much split over the whole day), honey with wax (I can chew wax, I also swallow it). This morning I did enema, I already had one bowel movement before it. How much wax was collected there :) - great bc I know the body can't digest it, but it helps the peristalsis.
My maple syrup is finally over :wink: - 1l lasted 22 days, hehe! I dreamt about agave syrup, in my dreams it tasted awsome.
Have a nice nice nice day!
LY all!

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