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 Post subject: Transitioning to RAW via steaming?
PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:39 am 

Joined: Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:14 am
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I am seriously considering going mostly raw as mentioned previously.. Though I am not sure how I will approach it just yet.

Will I need a full on transition? Saaaay, start with steaming everything?
Or will I stick to my 'usual' all or nothing attitude?

I couldn't imagine having asparagus without steaming it o_O or heating it sooomewhat up first lol.

But I CAN see myself eating SHITE tons of salads and exploring raw foods (not to the extent of a dehydrator though, not unless I REALLY got in to it for some time), and I've been doing my research :)

And I CAN see myself juicing veggies etc...

Maybe I'll do transition like... 'The Life Regenerator' Dan shows in his vids:
SERIOUSLY does that not look tasty?? ... 3zVXH7SEck

I know I can handle boat tons of salads, and there is A LOT more to 'raw' than just salads lol..I'd really like to get in to juicing, but not quite willing to completely part with the whole heating of things entirely. Maybe I will switch to steaming! Ah, I'll figure it out lol.

It has come to my attention that I've been slowly working my way towards healthier and healthier eating.. I mean DUH that's a no brainer and anyone that has known me since '09 can say there's a massive difference but... but I keep doing better and better each and every single time. I mean heck, 2 meat proteins a week? Nooot baaad! Enjoy salads? HECK YES! So next stage is to either move more in to raw or go the steamed route... and incorp. more raw.

...come to think of it....

I've seen quite a few VLOGS out there where people can spend up to a year just prepping to go raw, slowly trying recipes, they're already mostly vegetarian or vegan so for them it's been baby steps leading to that whole 'raw foodist' point. Even if it isn't full-on raw, each case is different in terms of how the person chooses to approach it. SURE that's no brainer/common knowledge to 'build up' to something but I find it interesting watching other peoples' progress.... Guess my next stop is to crawl the post-cleanse eating forums to gather even more info about peoples' experiences.

SEE answered my own question, just needed to get it out on e-paper!! Start steamin' and go raw as often as possible. :)

Any thoughts on this from the experienced? TY!

That's my rant! Thanks for readin!

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