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What is the "Master Cleanser Lemonade Diet" ?

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The Master Cleanser, or "The Lemonade Diet, is the widely popular fasting diet described in the book "The Master Cleanser - with Special Needs and Problems" by Stanley Burroughs...

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

"For the novice and the advanced student alike, cleansing is basic for elimination of every kind of disease. The purpose of this book is to simplify the cause and the correction of all disorders, regardless of the name or names. As we eliminate and correct one disease, we correct them all, for every disease is corrected by the same process of cleansing and building positive good health. Man's mastery of disease will only be final when ignorance and fear are overcome by proper observance of all laws pertaining to the creation of bones, flesh, and blood."

Other topics included:

  • A Word About "Epidemics" and "Germ-Caused" Diseases
  • The Origin of the Lemonade Diet
  • Is the Lemonade Diet Also a Reducing Diet?
  • How to Make It
  • What About the Use of Honey?
  • Helping the Cleansing Along
  • Should I Take "Supplements"
  • Will It Make Me Feel Bad or Weak?
  • How to Break the Lemonade Diet
  • Menu Suggestions
  • Special Needs and Problems


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